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Do you think the Superman movie will gross more than any (Nolan) Batman movies? Just curious, I think so though. What are your thoughts.

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I really hope so. The DC cinematic universe could use a financial and public-awareness push from the get-go, and I'm hoping that Supes can do at least just as well as the Nolan trilogy. This is my most anticipated movie of 2013 - only three more weeks before its release here!

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More than Batman Begins but not more than TDK or TDKR, mostly because ticket price inflation and 3D. And Nolan's involvement will definitely be a major factor.

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I don't think Man of Steel will. Even with the increase in ticket prices I think it will have a hard time competing with Dark Knight. Now if Man of Steel is well received and they make a sequel that is highly anticipated then it could perhaps compete with Dark Knight.

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maybe. idk. but unlike the nolan batman movies, man of steel will have my money for a ticket.

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Superman movie < Green Lantern movie < Thor movie < Batman movie < Iron Man movie.

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maybe. idk. but unlike the nolan batman movies, man of steel will have my money for a ticket.

true for me as well

I hope Man Of Steel is good and if it is, I hope it does well, just as good as TDK, but i think it will atleast match batman begins

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hahaha don't be ridiculous.

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I think it will make more than Batman Begins, but not more than the other two installments.

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Only more than Batman Begins, I'd say.

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It will gross more than Batman Begins. Superman Returns almost did and that movie had no hype, was out of touch with modern viewers, and got negative audience reception soon after it released.

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Superman will beat all the batman records. Off Topic: Batman Begins was the best of those movies.

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I don't think it's unreasonable to think it could. None of Nolan's Batman films gave into the 3D craze so they lost on that very lucrative segment of sales. MoS will be in 3D and based on the early screening buzz, is going to get good scores from the critics - which often translates into better long-term performance following opening week.

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I could be wrong, but I don't think so. While the movie does have the Superman name behind it, the cast is largely made up of people who don't really sell movies in name alone. I think there are people who still feel burned by Superman Returns (awful). Also, The Dark Knight was the best Nolan Batman movie...Dark Knight Rises was kind of terrible.

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I don't think it will but I could be wrong. I'd like it to be successful because I would really love to see a Batman/Superman movie someday...

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There's also that Walmart early ticket thing. I could be wrong but I thought it was if you pre-order the blu-ray at Walmart, you get a ticket. So if they somehow include the blu-ray pre-roder cost into the movie sales, it'll add more. Pretty sneaky, sis.

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Maybe, it will have to be really good though. Some people might still have memories of the bad superman movies and that's the reason they won't go see it.

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It'd be lucky to outgross Batman Begins, but do I think it will? Maybe. Doubt it. But the odds aren't monumentally against it happening.

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I doubt it. Maybe Man of Steel 2, but the first film? Nah. Well, maybe if a main actor dies, God forbid.

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It's the first film, you gotta let the audience find it, then the sequel can do some real magic at the box office.

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Nope because not a lot of people who know Superman like his character.

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maybe more than 'Begins' but not the TDK or TDKR........if this movie is good and there is a sequel made than Supes 2 IMO would gross more.

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I hope it makes it to a billion. Iron Man 3 did, and so did Skyfall.

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Maybe MoS 2 but not the first one

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It will make more than Batman Begins at least.

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It'd be lucky to outgross Batman Begins, but do I think it will? Maybe. Doubt it. But the odds aren't monumentally against it happening.

It'll definitely out gross Batman Begins, since Superman Returns did.

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I'm not saying I don't think it will be great, I definitely think it will. However the second two movies I think there is a pretty low chance of being outgrossed. Sequels have a chance to establish themselves, so people are usually more eager to see them. Maybe it will outgross Batman Begins. But I think we'll have to wait for a Man of Steel sequel to even consider if it will outgross TDK or TDKR, just because those two movies had a great track record to their advantage. Again, not at all saying I don't think Man of Steel will be great. I have really high hopes for it!

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I wouldn't put money on it.

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Probably just more than Batman Begins.