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As we know the amazing Spider-man is dead and people are pissed. The amount of people who used to buy it has lowered. My question is with them killing him off completely, is there anyway to bring him back and is their any plans on bringing him back?

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They shouldn't

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I hope they bring Parker back. There is many ways to bring him back but I don't know of any plans too.

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Sure there is. All Ock did is put his memories inside Peter. He didn't insert his soul or anything like that so basically this is a Peter Parker who thinks he is Doc Ock. Because there was no magic involved its is logically impossible for Doc Ock to be in Peter's body. At the moment we are just following a brain-washed Peter Parker.

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They should and better.

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I have to wonder if people who continually ask this question have never read a comic book before.

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@peppeyhare: @hulksmashspider:

Hey, welcome to Comic Vine, guys.

As for your question: They have to. I think that was the idea in the bigining. I mean, imagine how many people will buy "The return of Peter Parker". The people that hate the idea of Superior Spiderman will pick it up, people that love the idea will pick it up, and some people that aren't reading it, might just start getting the series. It's the perfect move.

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@strider92: Wow! You just dropped some knowledge on me. I honestly never thought of it like that.

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...and risk enraging all the fanboys?