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This was something I've been wondering. We've had Ironman 1 & 2, then the Avengers. Robert Downey Jr. was great in those, but will the 3rd turn out ok?

The 2nd wasn't that great already, too much drama & what not. Will the 3rd be any better?

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Let me check my crystal ball and find out. 
It keeps saying "opinions are subjective even in the future".  

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it looks like it.

but the real question is, how good? Im hoping for Avengers good.

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@Decoy Elite: A crystal ball tells you your opinions? Weird.

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@logy5000: Only way to check on them in the future
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@logy5000: only one way to find out and thats to watch the movie whn it comes out :P

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if not spectacular then just to see the extremis on the big screen

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It will be good but kick ass 2 and Man of steel will be better.

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I don't know... hopefully?  There's no way of telling until we actually see it.

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Hopefully it will be great

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I hope so.

Iron Man was good,but the second was okay it just felt a bit like the first one a bit much.So I hope this one will be different and will hopefully have more fight scenes since I feel the first two just lacked a little in that department.

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I have faith it will be good. As I do with Man of Steel. Time will tell.

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Maybe it will depend upon who will be the next villain. I dont know much about Iron Man villains but i hope the next one will make tony stark so desperate. plus I'm having high hopes for Iron Patriot.

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What's the plot? How many bad guys (remember spidey 3)?

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I believe so.

I liked the previous two movies equally. I do have doubts on whether Ben Kingsley is able to portray The Mandarin well. Aside from that, I'm sure that RDJ, the man who was born to play Iron Man, will not disappoint.

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@Decoy Elite said:

Let me check my crystal ball and find out. ... ... It keeps saying "opinions are subjective even in the future". Weird.

Ha ha ha

@logy5000: I hope so but only time will tell. It'll have a kick-ass trailer...but then again EVERY movie has a kick-ass trailer. Some are Avengers and some are Bio-Dome :)

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I have been given no reason to think otherwise. While they continue to churn out good movies, I will continue to be in attendance.

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Think Avengers, not Dark Knight and you'll love it ;-)

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@TheCannon said:


This ^^

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Hope so, but let me go ask my good buddy H.G. Wells. He's got a man with the inside scoop on the future.

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I'm skeptical. They have had three movies where you could have address the problem with Tony's alcoholism (he has only been a playboy that drinks which have given some problems he hasn't hit rock bottom and wont do it in Iron Man 3). It is about time this happen.

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I'm hoping it will be great, but Marvel has a poor track record with third installments of franchises. I'm looking at you, Spider-Man 3 and X-Men: The Last Stand.

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we can only hope

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I hope so...

the trailers are promising.

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Hopefully.But I somehow think that I will not be liking it.

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@Dayvid3 said:

What's the plot? How many bad guys (remember spidey 3)?

I'm trying to forget Spider-man 3.Ugh...what was the deal with 3 story lines at once?

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It probably will be a good movie.