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Wich one should I buy? Wich has a better story going for it? Wich has more character development?

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Vibe.Katana has a stupid plot and so far has done nothing interesting.It's just all stipidly planned execution and everything as a whole.While Vibe is pretty interesting at moments but it is still average.

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I've only been able to read one and a half issues of Katana and I had to force it. Vibe isn't that great either but its still decent and I've been able to read each issue just fine, so I would have to say Vibe is much better that Katana, plus he has a cooler power.

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vibe. katana looks good but the story is crap. vibe has decent art and a decent story with some good turns.

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@lifeofvibe: they're both getting cancelled so you just picked the better ship go down with, bub.

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I don't understand why they attempted these titles in the first place.