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Just wondering because I really didn't see the big deal. The thread was locked because a bunch of people claim that they can beat up Batman? Does it really fukin matter what they believe? Dude I know I can't beat guys and girls in comics, but I feel like that's what I'm doing here. Using my imagination to fool around for a few hours. I understand why some threads are locked, I mean they lead to bullying. However the only people who were bullying anyone were the Mods, telling people they were insane or stupid for believing in themselves. I guess hypocrisy lives in us all.

Point is. If nobody is hurting anyone's feelings (which is what I thought mods were here to control) then why go out of your way to do exactly what people get banded for? Also unless extremely offensive/explicit, then people should be able to post what they want. Everyone here is into something that was deemed ''stupid" or ''idiotic" by others, and you want to do that to others? It suck's that even the staff here can be jerks at times. Who cares if a thread is dumb...don't respond, it's really that simple. I just thought that given what we all here are fans of (comics, toys, video games) that people would have more respect for others, because you know, we all like using our imaginations. Rant ended

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because its pointless to argue, Bob Agent of Hydra stomps everyone