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I've noticed some comic fans and comic artists seem to think rather bitterly of graphic novels. I don't see what's wrong with them. Though it would be good to hear opinions on why they're not liked.

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I like the. I don't know anyone who doesn't.

Maybe they prefer small sized story lines spread out in several different issue than having one big fat long novel.

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Do you mean stories released just as graphic novels, or are you including collections?

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It's a stupid term for comic books that people who like comic books tell other people when they're embarrassed.

"I like... um... graphic novels."

I shouldn't have to make up some sh*tty pretentious name for something I enjoy, and neither should anyone else.

I. Like. Comic. Books.

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: Both

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I've never head of someone disliking Graphic Novels or trades.

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@KingOfAsh: I don't really understand why anyone would have a problem with TPBs as they're handy for people who missed the original comics the first time around, or in some cases, weren't even born when they came out. I think some people buy them after already collecting all the issues included, just so they've got something to read while keeping the originals clean and safe.

As for original graphic novels, maybe some people would rather they were released in single comic format too, but I wouldn't be too bothered.

Either way, there's good reasons to buy them. I only have about thirty but I imagine I'll end up with a lot more.

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Do you mean trade waiting?