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1. Many heroes and villains are hopelessly overpowered. Thus they have to be a jobber most of the time so that people won't lose interest in them (I'm looking at you S-man).

2. The most successful or feared and admired villains rarely job, if ever. For example, Luthor never jobs (not that I've seen), he seems like he's trying his hardest every time; not pulling any punches like others do.

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Sabertooth has become a massive jobber.

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@lorbo: This is true. However villans can job as well. For example the Anti-Moniter has jobed a few times even though he is multiversal busting level.

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@xanni15: @bronze_surfer:

Personally I don't think jobbing is really necessary in comics. If heroes and villains weren't so OP jobbing wouldn't be necessary. But it is a lot easier to job than show a villains defeat through some smart plot devices (not PIS). That's even harder due to the changing nature of comics (different writers, financial concerns etc).

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@lorbo: Pshh Sups OP? You want OP go to things like abstract charecters or toon force beings. I don't see alot of sups loses as jobbing... most of the time. I actually love superman he is my 2nd favorite comic charecter only behind Flash.

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Well if Supes does not job, then you have to explain how Bats one shots him all the time. Even Luthor in his warsuit shouldn't even be able to touch him. You know why? Because instead of punching him and getting owned with Kryptonite death rays, the smart thing to do would be to ice him and spam heat vision. If nothing else he could use super breath to blow him away and just keep spamming till Lex succumbs. There is no excuse for Superman EVER losing to Lex in battle except jobbing (excluding the times where he has one sided battle prep with the location).

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@lorbo: Not to go total sups nerd but bats has never one shoted super man in cannon. Or even won in canon. They have only fought 9 times with sups wining 7 and bats 2 and barley for the 2 he won. Back to topic. Lex is smart to put it blunt. And I mean really smart. He can enginere things that we would never fathom possible Thats from his high level intellect that lets him be on a superhuman level. And why does he not spam heat vision and ice breath? Well for one it drains him more than punching but not by much so thats not it but the real reason is those are fetal. Sups does not kill unless it is needed by the plot (Like Injustice) He has a set of morals that he follows and thats why he does not labotimize lex luthor or just freeze him in a block of ice. And as I have mentioned on another thread lex in his suit is physicly equal to sups and has death beams to go against his heat vision. And for super breath. Lex has kryptonite beams so it will only work for so long. Lex is smarter than sups and can be a better tactician. So even if sups wanted to kill lex for real lex could still hold his own.

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Supes can fly FTL it is said. Lex cannot. If I were Supes I could beat Lex and it wouldn't take long. I would go FTL and spam ice and heat. Soon as he's incapacitated I would one shot him at FTL. Game over Lex.

Even if his suit can somehow take that, when he hits the ground I'm keeping him there with my super breath and ice breath. And then I go to town on him with speed blitzing and ALL my powers all at the same time.

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@lorbo: He has morals. If you did that on one person they would die super suit or no. There has been comics where supes was at a bloodlust and killed both batman with kryptonite and luthor in his suit. Why does he not just take him out from the get go? Well 1 for him to go ftl he needs to accelerate. 2 like I said that combo could kill lex. Supes does not kill. You call it jobbeing I call it morals. If I had his powers I would do what you would do but i'm not superman.

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No offense mate..the real reason Supes don't kill Lex is because the writers need him alive, PERIOD. Once again, comics could write things more realistically If they didn't OP Supes so much, but because they did they give him ridiculously dumb morality (that God himself don't even have, he kills trust me). And that's why I call it jobbing because it makes ZERO sense by human morals.

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@lorbo: I'm pretty sure the prescence has not killed anyone (DC's god) so theirs that. In terms of his morals though.... ya thats where the job is I wont deny that I'm just saying that not alot of his fights from the fight itself is actually jobeing. But then again he is not human and batman has said "Your a better man then me"

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Lex is that awesome.

Superman is not overpowered, but, whatever makes you sleep at night.

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@bronze_surfer: By God I was referring the Biblical God. And not killing does not equate to having high morals to me. Sometimes letting a criminal live actually brings into question your morals. Once again..no offense, just my take. But what the writers do makes sense..if only for selling comics sake (which they have to do).

I just wish they did it without such PIS. More logic, less PIS, that's all I ask for.

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@lorbo: Less PIS in comics? What dimension are you from the 6th?

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I won't lie, I sense the wit in what you say. Comic is PIS. Pure PIS I get it. But I prefer the PIS to be relegated to the powers, not the character or reasons for why characters do things.

But like i said, that's the way it has to be because it sells. If it didn't they wouldn't do it. To do otherwise would require characters to evolve and actually change. Let's face it, nobody stays the same in life, they change their views on things with the more knowledge they gain. That won't happen with heroes because they sell based on the perception of the public. Public perception of superman is more important than his character to writers I think.

Beating the pulp out of villains to near death is OK as long as you don't kill? Really just get it over with already I say, but that would nullify the purpose of comics to begin with..profit.

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That's kinda the point, though, that they're both overpowered.