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@cameron83: I would like to point out there are only two Superman titles that actually feature Superman as the star. But your point is made and I'm not saying I disagree with you. I just understand his side of the argument and I'm trying to explain it. I'm neutral on the matter, so I am able to think from both sides on it.

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I'm not a big fan of solo books myself. I've read them, do read them, but even the big names, even characters I really like are less enjoyable to me than teams. Interaction with other heroes or groups full of friction show more of their personality off. It also breaks up the powers. Following one hero with one power set, seems like it can get kind of old. Let's face it, not many has the wide range that Superman does. And though I am a big Superman fan, I still much prefer him with other groups or even teaming up with one other. All those powers still can't make it exciting and new year after year. I love X-32 too but she didn't make it solo. Big names have enough of a following to sustain their own books, but I still think even they are much better teamed up.