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  I have noticed that a lot of battles get locked. Was just wondering why? In battles people claim that it could be one sided and this can be  true. Dark Phoenix vs Robin would obviously be in favor of DP. But some battles are not that one sided. Not sure if its a battle but I think Wolverine vs. Wonder Woman would be a great battle. Yes Wonder Woman has the speed and strength to out match Wolverine. But she doesn't have much to attack him from far away. So she would need to get close, and since she is not known to blitz attack he could have a chance. But most likely it would be locked, because it would seem that the battle would be too much in her favor

 The other reason why I think they shouldn't be is the serve a great education for people who don't know characters from other comics. I admit I know anything about Dark Horse, Image. I'm good with Marvel if it has to do with X-men. I know a little about the Avengers, X-factor (second generation), and Generation X. DC If it was a cartoon I'm good, comics I've skimmed. So when I see a battle where I don't know about the character and am thinking about maybe getting into them. I would have loved to have asked questions about the character and seen good scans. But if its locked I'm unable to do that. I know I could go on their forum to ask people about the character. But I have noticed that when people do that very few actually answer about them. People are more into the battles, not topics. Hell I'm not even sure if this is going to be read.    
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@boob: Because a ton of mismatch and repeat battles get made everyday.And they have to be locked you would be surprised of the number of people who for what ever reason are incapable of using the search function to see if battles have been done.

Also you say people on here are more into battles than topics that is not true,have you seen the number of sub forums on here?

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@mrdecepticonleader: When people ask what comic should I read to get to introduce me to such and such. Very little people answer. If any.
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@boob said:

@mrdecepticonleader: When people ask what comic should I read to get to introduce me to such and such. Very little people answer. If any.

Depends where you ask.There are more discussions going on than just which comics to recommend.

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@boob said:

@mrdecepticonleader: When people ask what comic should I read to get to introduce me to such and such. Very little people answer. If any.

that's because there are like five of those threads made a day

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1. If it's one sided.

2. If it's duplicate that does not vary significantly from older threads.

That's essentially it.

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1) I agree with an obvious one sided. Superman vs Dark Phoenix, DP would turn him into a pretzel. Spectre vs Nick Fury, Spectre would leave nothing left of Nick. But others may not be so one sided. Mr. Freeze can turn things into ice, Vandal Savage has centuries of  battle experiencing. The scales should be in their favor, yet Batman wins.  
2) This is a problem, and I also agree.  
But what about the ones where there are have no other duplicates? Or the ones that don't have that many responses? I've seen some of those get locked. Then when someone (maybe new to the site) makes that same thread because they can't contribute to the previous discussion. People have criticized them, and yes even the moderators have done it also. When getting attacked like that from the people who are supposed to make them feel welcomed, why join? I have had five friends leave this site because of it.

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AAAAAAAND my point has been shown. Before I could answer why I think Psylocke could beat Big Barda my battle has been locked. Sorry that battle is not one sided. Yes Barda is naturally stronger, and faster. But Psylocke has ways to get past that, and now I will not be able to point this out or show proof. My other battle X-23 vs Wonder Girl is also locked. There are reasons why this battle is also not one sided, but because Cassie is stronger and faster she gets the win hands down. Even though Laura is a born killer, claws that have hurt Hulk at full power, and taken down and/or had a stail mate with people that can take down Cassie with little to no problem. But I can't point this out because strength is all that matters if you want to win. 

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Annnnnnnnnnnnd I was going to respond, but this is just aparently another "My thread got locked guys, that's stupid!" Although at least you're not being terribly annoying about it.

Anyway, if you don't think something should have been locked, contact that mod that did and you can give your argument for why it shouldn't have been locked, and if it's good enough they'll unlock the thread.

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I don't get the point of locking them either. I mean, they're made already. They say that it clutters up the works, but locking them doesn't delete them from existence so it really isn't doing much other than keeping people from posting on them. They're still there.

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@Decoy Elite:  Sorry for the late response. But actually this is up because of other battles that I would have loved to join in on but can't because they are locked.  
 As you can tell by my confession I'm not knowledgeable on a lot of comics out their. And I can't afford to just go out to buy comics (have 2 jobs yet still poor T-T ). Normally I would just get the first issue of a comic, but 1) some can be thousands of dollars or 2) back stories and powers change.  
Take Aquaman. Never read any comics with him. He has been around since the 50 (?) so he can't be that bad, yet in 99% of the battles that are made it seems like he is nothing but the sidekick to the DC world (what does that make Aqualad?). I would love to ask questions on him, but can't because the battle is locked. And most answers on the battles says he looses because he is not that good.  
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@boob: You could just ask a user who is knowledgeable on Aquaman or check out his CV page. 
The point is, if a thread is locked it's usually for a good reason. And if it's mistakenly locked then you can easily get it unlocked by asking.
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When battles get locked its either cause of Mismatches, being a dupe thread meaning repeated battle like Superman vs Goku, or a troll thread.

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@Decoy Elite: Even if its someone else's battle? Not sure what you mean by mistakenly locked. I know from the two battles that I made it was because they felt it was unfair. I've read his bio, but I don't see how what was posted there is any different then wikipedia. As for the his forums not that much info either. And its not just his its a lot of characters. At least in the battles more people chime in and show proof why their vote goes this way or that way (unless its a Storm fanboy). It helps me get more interested (Inhumans, Power Girl), or less interested (Big Barda, F4).
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@boob: It's possible that a mod can overlook an aspect of a fight that would stop it from being spite. And yes you can even ask for other people's threads to be unlocked so long as you give a good argument. 
If you really want to see more about a character then there's a thread for requesting characters to appear in battles.  I think it's called the "Battles request thread" or something like that.