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Seriously. I see people all the time claiming he is "omnipotent" in Dreamworld.

Yet he gets handily defeated ALL THE TIME. Before you guys start with that PIS crap...lemme explain something. Losing once..maybe twice can be considered PIS. When you lose over 5 times to every day people...it's called a PATTERN.

1st movie..chick tells him she ain't scared of him and beats him albeit, temporarily.

2nd movie..regular teen chick and dude defeat him with what appeared to be, force of will. I haven't seen 2nd one in awhile so correct me if I'm wrong.

3rd flick..the first people he encounters with "powers". These are probably the lamest group of super powered people I've ever seen. If those guys were superheroes, they'd have MAJOR trouble dealing with street levelers. No..not street level HEROES...I'm talkin' about street level punks with handguns would give them problems. Back to Freddie..he beats them..turned the chick into a roach..blah blah blah. I thnk Circe, Zatanna and Loki can do that with EASE and noone considers them omnipotent.

I mssed 4th flick. The 5th and 6th I get mixed up. Is the 6th one the one where his daughter was fighting him? I will say that of all the films, this one at least had a competent person on the good guy's team. The dude who studied dreams and what not and realized you could pull him from the Dream World into the real world. The turning the dude into the video game and head exploding trick and erasing them from people's memories are nice feats. But not nearly enough to suggest he can do anything. Oh..and he LOST rather unceremoniously, too.

Lets contrast that with other "omnipotent" beings we've seen..Anti-Monitor, Pre-Retcon Beyonder...now..do you seriously think they would be beaten by a rather chick. Or a regular chick and regular guy. Oh..and Circe, Zatanna and Loki can do all of that transmutation and warping reality stuff WITHOUT their victims being asleep AND they actually do this against Major powers.

If someone can show me some feats of Freddy I'm missing..then please...feel free.