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Everywhere on comicvine and various other comic-book related websites I just see people saying this sucks that sucks that writer sucks this book is gonna suck and so is that movie or that TV show or that (insert company name) sucks now-

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It's a natural part of growing up

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The cynicism seems more prevalent in the comics fandom though...

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I bet most cynicism comes from hardcore fans worrying about their favorite characters. It helps them prepare for the potential let down of their heroes on screen. I believe that for movies and TV anyhow.

Saying a writer sucks or a book is gonna suck seems like a tougher call. Some writers are loved by DC fans but hated by Marvel fans and vise versa so who knows.

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For some strange reason Humans like to express tHeir dislike for sometHing verbally, but cHoose to express tHeir joy for sometHing by simply enjoying it.

Hence, wHy Superior Spider-Man was selling like crazy but fangirls would cry bee itcH about How it was a lousy series.

People wHo enjoy tHings just enjoy tHem. People wHo loatH tHings are vocal about it.


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Its called an opinion? Besides, there are an equal number of people who comment on their love or excitement for a new project or show support for the writer or artist. Not everyone is going to like everything. Thats life.

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It's a natural part of growing up

symptoms may include but not limited to calling anyone who doesn't agree with you a troll and or fanboy

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I see lots of compliments as well. It's just we're more vocal when we don't like something, like most fans are in any media.