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They had a good thing with Wally west then they bring back Barry Allen and they kinda stop using Wally and then they make Barry the source of the speed force now in the new 52 Barry is the flash and Wally is nowhere. So what is so great about this guy that they need to make him the flash of flashes especially when lots of people prefer Wally? Not hating just asking

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To make it more simple. Wally west will get back sooner or later it is a question of time. DC just want to take it nice, easy and slow so new readers get a costume to The New 52 and make it more advance as the series progress. They have just rebooted the entire universe so the expect to see all characters by issue one.

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@MightySammy94: They're not trying to make him the definitive Flash. It's just easier have one book about The Flash learning stuff about his powers than 2. Wally will be back in less than a couple years.

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@Mucklefluga: that explains why he's nowhere in the new 52 . But after Barry came back from the dead Wally pretty much got kicked to the curve, and again I bring up Barry being the source of the speed force . You have to admit that's a move to try and make him look like the best

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@MightySammy94: Well, Wally had a good run, after Barry died, he was the flash for like a decade, Barry came back during Rebirth and yeah, he became the main focus in the Flash series, manly due to his main role in Flashpoint. Anywho, as to him being the key to the speed force, it makes sense to me, that his accident created it, and thus he keeps it going.
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@The Stegman: now that makes a bit more sense

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Because it's smart. Wally will never be The Flash, Barry Allen IS The Flash.

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Because Barry is the definitive Flash.

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well Barry was always considered the greatest Flash so i guess they just wanted to do the same thing they did with Hal seeing as he is usually considered THE GL of Earth, and to have 1 flash to make simple for new readers like someone stated earlier

as for why Wally completely disappeared i have no idea, maybe they didnt know what to do with him since Bart is Kid Flash?

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I always thought Barry was better anyway.

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@iHailCarlo: why was he better?

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Because of Geoff Johns

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DC needed 1 standard Flash and Barry was chosen. I think the reason Barry was chosen is bec the current New 52 reboots tended to favor the silver age versions and I do agree the silver age versions are the most iconic and this includes Katar Hol who is also back. There are some exceptions since Ryan Choi is now the Atom and the exceptions tended to be the b list or the c list properties.