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In this thread I'll be making a lot of references to both the comics, tv shows, and the movie-verse for Batman because I take into account that a lot of people don't agree with certain writers and their takes on different story arcs, but since Christopher Nolan is widely to be accepted as the best baman writer ever, than the Nolan trilogy can speak for the entire Batman franchise in my opinion. (Not soo much for Iron Man because there are never really too many deviations from the comics to the movies, well not so much as batman)

There’s just no way Batman compares to Iron Man. Everyone talks about his gadgets and utility belt. There's generally nothing on Batman's utility belt that can even harm Iron Man. Lets think about what Batman usually carries in his armory few bataarangs, a grappler, couple smoke grenades so he can disappear mysteriously. The Bat suit itself is armored, but it can’t stop direct bullet shots or a well placed knife shot. Nothing in that suit could possibly match the Iron Man's suit, which is literally a walking death machine. Missiles, flares, bullets…and if that wasn’t enough, he’s got repulsors on both hands, and the GALLAGHER chest piece and his suit makes him strong enough to press 100tons. If there were a fight between the two Iron Man would toss Batman all over the place. Blowing him up, and destroying him in all sorts of ways. Batman would'nt even be able to move Iron Man. Batman would have to add so much to his arsenal to even THINK about TRYING to contending with Tony Stark. And even so his efforts would still be futile.

Tony has the most advanced tech in his respective universe, Batman doesn't.. Stark tech far outclasses Wayne tech. Batman wouldn’t lay a hand on him unless he jumped Stark in his sleep. Even if Batman had his legendary prep factor, Iron Man still owns him in the prep game, he's made a hulkbuster suit, a thorbuster suit, upgraded himself with extremis to take down bio-terrorist, and he's even taken control of Ziran the Tester's (a celestial) armor to take down Thanos, Batman's insider suit cant compare. Tony even made a machine in a matter of minutes to disperse the phoenix force in avx. Another thing he did in avx was siphon off Jupiter's gravitational pull to take down Magneto. Yes it is true some of what Tony has done did fail, but given the mass amount of pressure he's had to go through, its dumb not to think if he was given the proper amount of prep time, everything.

I also prefer Tony's lifestyle more so than Bruce's. Its like Stark seems to enjoy his life more, while Bruce seems like he holds a grudge against the world and doesn’t even appear to be sociable, even with the rest of the Justice League. The world knows Tony Stark is Iron Man, so going out in public and being himself is nothing. But what happens to Gotham if a roided up villain wants to tear apart downtown in broad daylight, while Bruce is in the middle of a meeting? Whatever you troll batman fanboys want to say for Batman will still prove to be more difficult than whatever Stark would have to do to prepare for a fight. While Bruce would have to lie or pretend to go use the bathroom or something to get out of his meeting to try and save the day, Tony would only have to take out his suit case armor and fly into action (or just transform into the suit if we would be talking about extremis and bleeding edge), while the people in the business meeting would be cheering him on. Also, his ego kicks ass.

As for intelligence TONY STARK- at age 4 built his first circuit board,at age 6 his first engine,at age 17 he graduated from M.I.T. And at age 23 the one and only iron man suite.his own artificial intelligence super computer and robots etc.create new weapons of mass destructions on his own talent. Bruce Wayne went to china to become a martial arts master and studied the bats lifestyle no one knows of any other things he has done. And thanks to his company's one and only chief engineer, designer,manager Lucius Fox. Where it shows that batman did not make any thing on his own. Even in the comic universe, Lucius Fox had things made for him, Bruce altered his gadgets a little bit to make them more Batlike but that still isn't impressive... To say something like "Batman's like the Punisher with no balls, Iron Man with no sense of humor, and James Bond with a bat suit, all in one" would be completely logical.

Batman is not as smart as people make him out to be, hes a really good detective and a martial artist, that's about it. Iron Man can fly. Batman, who’s supposedly smarter than Stark, couldn’t even figure out how to do this. Stark figured out how to fly 'IN A CAVE…WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!!!' Once he got home, he perfected it. Batman, at best, in his standard equipment, can only glide to the ground. His projectiles consist of bataarangs All the talk about Bruce’s brainpower is detective based and riddle solving, which is a necessary skill set when dealing with goons like the Joker and Riddler, who are basically the same, except one is slightly saner. Neither has any physically threatening strength. They simply try to outwit Batman and make him fall into some silly trap. Stark is an engineer and a weapons expert. Starks tech is just way more advanced than anything bruce can get his hands on

Lets Talk Batman villains. Its a common misconception that Bane can be compared to the Hulk, Juggernaut, The Thing or Colossus..Which is not true, Bain is no where near as strong as the hulk, he's a little bit stronger than Captain America, maybe on the same level as Spider Man, being able to lift 15-30 tons.

Anthony Edward Stark is the owner of Stark Industries, a multi-billion dollar corporation owned and run by businessman Stark. It is also a a major military contracting company that holds 45 % of US stocks as a weapons manufacture Stark Industries has access to every resource on the planet; platinum, depleted uranium etc. Bruce Wayne owns Wayne Enterprises which is a major private technology firm that makes billions in profits however manufactures for marketing is usually unknown or vague, but seems like its mostly for Batman's own use. Tony invests his money into his armor and in saving the world as if he were a one man armor, while Bruce invests his money only in himself and saving Gotham, a small metropolitan city.. Which he should use his money for investing into the Gotham city police force and invest more into more secure maximum security prisons and asylums, seeing as his efforts and methods don't keep the job done.. Which brings me to another question....

"Duhrrr I dont know philosphoraptor, maybe because Batman feels responsible" FUCK THAT! Batman would be saving way more than lives if he ends one..If he put the joker down instead of sending him off to prison, which he knows he'll escape from and kill again, Batman would in fact stop the Joker from putting anymore innocent lives in peril. Batman allowing the Joker to live shows that batman is not responsible, and he doesn't have the balls..The Punisher would have put the Joker down Keeping the Joker alive because of his own moral code, ultimately gets others killed...its like he's the villain himself. The same goes for the other bags of deranged miscreants that are batman villains, who people are so interestedin. Which also brings me to another thing, Batman's villains are the only thing that makes him interesting, and the only thing thats really going for the character, aside from Christopher Nolan.

Put Iron Man in batman's universe, and he would simply overlook every batman villain because Iron Man's villains, while they may not be as popular, but they are on a whole other level when it comes to being truly powerful, and intellectual.

The Mandarin, has 10 rings that can alter reality and limitless resources. Doom is second inline to be sorcerer supreme, who also has more advanced tech than Iron Man, as well as the diplomatic immunity. Iron Monger has a massive mech suit in the likeness of Tony's, that can crush a tank like it was a soda can, as well as others like the crimson dynamo, titanium man, detroit steel, yes all are really similar to each other, but they each serve as an arms-race and business rivalry ideas, which are very real world issues.

I was reading this picture (The link: I was watching some of the "Hi im a Marvel...and Im a DC series on series on youtube. and its also impossible for someone to acquire all of those accolades at batman's age..he would at least have to be going into his 60s to have had the time to acquire a pilots certification and all of those degrees he claims he has. Mastering 127 styles of martial arts is also highly absurd. Most masters of a single certain fighting style are usually in their middle ages. Now how is it possible for someone to be a master of 127? And how can someone be 'fluent' in all of those languages at once. The best CIA agents know only about 3 maybe 4 languages at most.. And that's with years of learning and being out in the field. And to be fluent in a language, you would literally have to have been born into that particular society to be completely fluent... *sigh* That's another reason why I hate batman, he's so unrealistic. And I know he lives in the same world where a man can communicate with sea animals telepathically, and a man who can create anything with a green ring, but batman is supposed to be just a man with gadgets..not fucking Chuck Norris

a Bat-Trolls favorite picture

Example of the Batman feats that are raw PIS: Batman kicking spectre, Batman punching the hulk and hurting him, batman pressing 1000 lbs, batman kicking through rpg proof glass, disappearing from the flash in a small building? but what made me hate him was his fans...with their trolling saying "batman could beat anybody with prep time, thor, hulk, superman, iron man...even galactus!!" simply because.. "he's the god damn batman" batman fans utterly disregard any argument and say batman would win because of his "batman factor", giving no other logical reason or argument..

If Batman is who his fanboys say he is than this shouldn't have happened...........

Being the fact that Iron Man would be considered a WORLD protector as opposed to Batman being a city protector, Tony outclasses Bruce in almost every way, screw martial arts. H2H is irrelevant when your opponent can blow up the city block your standing on.


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Who said Nolan's the best Batman "writer".

And that last paragraph will get you banned.

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>_> @ bringing up the over 50 year old 'Is Batman gay' argument.

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So if someone like Batman they are a troll? That seems unfair and awfully trollish on your part.

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Annnnnd the gay argument just lost whatever credibility you would have had.

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There is no better. There is just preference and opinion. The original post it just one big troll. It favors making trolling statements over valid points to state his OPINION.

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@FuZySLiPeRz: Your statements don't Iron Man > Batman. All they accomplish is to make you look like a troll.
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Too long didn't read.

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What a weak bait. 

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@FuZySLiPeRz: your an iron man fanboy. and i could make the same argument for how much better batman is compared to iron man it just depends on personal prefrence

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Yeah the gay argument is just like when the race card is thrown around. Makes your credibility level go down and eliminates any coherent facts you presented earlier.

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@FuZySLiPeRz: your arguments also show that you are incredibly biased and havent read a batman comic. your entire argument makes you sound like an angry iron man fanboy trolling

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lol, so much wrong in one post. It's quite impressive really.

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Once Batman breaks Iron Man's suit, he will destroy him in combat.

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This thread exponentially lost purpose with each consecutive word. So you're trying to bait flame a popular character? Get real, son. Oh, and these:

@Shawnbaby said:

@FuZySLiPeRz: Your statements don't Iron Man > Batman. All they accomplish is to make you look like a troll.



There is no better. There is just preference and opinion. The original post it just one big troll. It favors making trolling statements over valid points to state his OPINION.



So if someone like Batman they are a troll? That seems unfair and awfully trollish on your part.

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@FuZySLiPeRz said:

@ratman19 @CODYSF @KnightRise @Shawnbaby @BiteMe-Fanboy and everybodyelse

To be honest I really do care what you guys think, but really this is just something I put together to show my friends, I was aware of the massive amount of hate I'd probably get but that's just me voicing my opinion about a character who my factual friends troll me with Batman... I'm not some kind of figure head of this website and I would like to delete this because I see so many people that don't like it, and Id hate to be the guy nobody likes lol but I don't really know how to delete.. and yes i'm a very strong Iron Man fan ...and yea maybe I shouldnt have used the gay argument, thought it would've been funny with my friends. but whatever I guess, if I get banned, I get banned..

Probably should have just shown in to your friends, then.  
It's fine if you like Iron Man more than Batman...but there's no reason to trash Batman because of it.  
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Batman was never suppose to be a tech guy. It would look weird if he goes around fighting crime with an iron-man suit.