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Here is your chance to get it off of your chest. Explain why you do not like a particular character while giving other vineries the opportunity to sway you into givingbthem another chance. So don't just post "I hate superman because he's OP" if you do choose to participate I ask that you follows these rules:

- only comment if you actually know about the character you dislike. If you hvent given the character a proper chance, then go give them a chance and come back to the thread later

- you must back up your reasons for not liking them with either scans or references to scans in your post. If your gonna say "wolverine punched a baby" you better be ready to prove it.

And finally...

- be mature. Let's not have this disintegrate into a flame war or a bashing of a particular character.

The point of this thread is that you may hate a character that you would actually like if you gave them a chance. And this thread gives other vinera the chance to enlighten you.

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I hate Doomsday because he's a ridiculous plot device who can get any power he wants,either he's beaten too easy or it takes monumental effort to bring him down,most of the time characters job to him(not utilizing their powers to their fullest) and he sucks as a character,no personality or depth.

I heartily dislike Harley Quinn because she's a case of an undeserving character made too popular too quickly and only because her creator is a big name when it comes mainstream Batman(cartoons,games etc) and he decided to patch her up with one of the greatest villains of all time, on top of that she waters down the other characters she hangs out with Joker especially. Her relationship with the Joker is so ludicrously played out that it's not even funny,but most importantly I cant stand how she's written like a total idiot but the writers keep insisting that she's smart cause she's got degrees and all.

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I hate Superman because he's OP

I hate Wolverine because he punched a baby

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Carnage. First, we never needed another symbiote, and then they made him this over-the-top killer. He is my most disliked Spidey villian.

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the flash, hes a loser, not exciting, not even a power i care about

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I dislike Ultimate Captain America because he steps on everything the real Captain America stands for.

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Aquaman. He is too arrogant, he talks funny, he fights fire trolls, and he has a pet octopus named Topo.

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@katrin_romanoff_004: Aquaman arrogant? Are you mad? As long as people aren't looking down on him(like you are) Arthur is usually humble. How does he talk funny? Have you been watching Batman Brave and the Bold? What's so bad about fire trolls? And Totp has been gone for years. Have you even seen the new one? He's a Kaiju.

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@katrin_romanoff_004: Aquaman arrogant? I would say that Namor is extremely arrogant and Aquaman is a very humble king

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Emma Frost. She has a repulsive personality and I credit her with shoving Psylocke out of the spotlight.

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Not a fan of Storm. Every time I read the X-Men or something, she's easily the most uninteresting character. She has no personality and doesn't even look cool. Her powers aren't entertaining and her fans think that she's extremely powerful.

She gets annoying when she says "I summon the winds!" or whatever. The mohawk look is terrible and she's just plain boring. I don't hate the character at all. I don't hate any fictional person. But man...

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@entropy_aegis: I disagree with both of your characters. I think Harley has a certain appeal when she's written correctly. She was one of my favorite parts of the animated series and the arkham games. She is very charming and sympathetic. A psychologist that began to love/obsess over the joker. It proves how sinister and brilliant and manipulative the joker is. And as far as doomsday I love his character. He's such a dangerous villain. He'll always adapt and come back from the death to go on a rampage. I agree that he is often mishandled but he is a good character IMO

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I don't like Punisher because I know he as a character will never go anywhere. He'll never learn that his methods are wrong, he'll never admit that he's basically insane, he'll never do anything to change. And then there's the fact that almost every story with him has the same narrative, which is the same narrative to ever "badass out for revenge against the ones who killed his family" story I've ever seen. The only thing that sets him apart are the superheroes and supervillains that happen to live in the same world as him. He adds nothing interesting to the mix and I just can't find myself enjoying him as a character.

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batman. no explanations are needed.

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I hate Wolverine because he punched a baby

Yeah that was a creep move. They tried to play it off cause he didn't use his claws

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"Why don't you like a character?"

Because he's portrayed by Affleck.

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@dayvid3 said:

@i_like_swords said:

I hate Wolverine because he punched a baby

Yeah that was a creep move. They tried to play it off cause he didn't use his claws

Lol did he actually do that? I was just playing a joke on the OP.

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@cooldes said:

batman. no explanations are needed.

This is a thread that is entirely about explanations.

So yeah, they are kinda needed.

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I really,REALLY despise Namor. Why? Probably the most arrogant character in comics, he is a complete and utter jerk. Trying to secude Susan Storm right under Reed Richards face ,disrespecting Captain America, hitting on Emma Frost while she declined his offers MULTIPLE times, destroying an entire country (Wakanda) and he is not trialed by international law while Cyclops is arrested because the Phoneix corrupted him and the list goes on but you get the idea...

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Captain America and Iron Man are the biggest douches.

Wanda is crazy and gets away with what she did in House of M.

Beast is an hypocrite.

I also hate Hulk and Storm but mostly because of their fans. However, i never got into these two characters, so i wouldn't love them anyway.

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Ts like people don't even read the OP lol

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@darksider555: Diplomatic immunity! but i see ;your point its not fair

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He just isn't funny. I get this dumb 16 year girl vibe from him, like acting like a dumbshit and people find it funny. It's almost a stereo type that he is funny.

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@sog7dc said:

Ts like people don't even read the OP lol

I think some of them are joking.

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He isn't a comic character, but I HATE Ogata Isshinsai, aka the Saint Fist from HSDK. Even in spite of his deplorable acts and methods, multiple characters claim they just can't hate him. Why? Because his love for martial arts is completely genuine. BS! Ogata uses his TEEN disciples, his very own students in experiments that led to the crippling of Ryuto. He killed a pregnant woman when he was clearly more powerful and could have simply subdued her. I don't care how many Buddha statues he carves, that's fu***** up. What place does an elite master like him have fighting low level experts? I don't care if he will accept challenges from anyone of any level, his philosphy is inherently fu**** up. His mindset would have been far more appropriate a few hundred years ago. Death matches have no place in this day and age. Self defense is one thing. Hell, even killing a monster is one thing. But killing someone so damn mch weaker than you just because you think the true intent of martial arts is to destroy others is BS.

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I try really hard to actually like characters, and in this sense I mostly succeed, to be honest, the only characters I don't like are characters depicted in certain situations by some writers, as far as comics, because the nature of comics usually means most characters have multiple writers and even if they don't, a person can always use their imagine to wonder how they could rewrite a character to be more to their liking. For the sake of the thread and fun though...

- Thanos. I like Thanos in the sense he is obsessed with death, a thinker, a jaded cynic, a nihilist, and a planner. I don't like Thanos in the sense than rather become the Avatar for Death he has became the Avatar of jaded and cynical youths who had read a bit of philosophy and psychology and suddenly feel too mature and intelligent for characters like Superman, no, their wish fulfillment fantasy character is the antagonist, he is mutated and dark, a mad thinker, he is death and death is he. Yadda yadda. Where as the hero will always win, Thanos become the character who only lost because he wanted to lose. Sort of like 20 something year old stoners who failed psychology at college but read a few Stephen Hawkings books on the origins of the universe when high and insist they could have their own place, car, friends, job, career, goals whenever they wanted to, its just that they have a subconscious desire to see themselves fail which is like really really tragic and really really deep or something. I don't mean that as far as any actual people and definitely not actual fans of Thanos, but thats how the character and his characterization come across to me all the time. It doesn't help that his creator kept retconning stories where Thanos didn't absolutely look awesome. If all writers retconned stories where their characters didn't look like perfection we would only have like 2 stories actually in continuity.

I would like Thanos a lot more if they dropped the death angle and had him play as more of a neutral and had him lose more against villains and heroes. The mark of a confident, intelligent, powerful person is how they deal and cope with defeat, except comic writers have this hard on with thinking that intelligence equals the ability to plan and foresee anything and prep for it. Bu bu but if Thanos just loses it would make him look dumb or weak - thats a risk that all characters have to face, if they never have moments of weakness ever, they end up as Gary Sue's and or popular with fans who see them as wish fulfillment power fantasies. A more neutral Thanos would let him demonstrate new types of intellectual ability too, always harder to be on defensive than being proactively villainous.

- Marvels Death. Related to above, but compare Marvel's Death to Vertigo's Death? One is a cartoon character that acts as a giant black tissue to Thanos creepy desires, and the other is an actual character with some literary value. The concept of death is about equality and fairness by virtue of its inevitability to all. Neil Gaiman's Death convey's this quite well with her interactions with pretty much all the characters she interacts with. Marvel's Death on the other hand fosters little crushes with alien boys from one of Saturn's moon's 13 million years after the big bang for some reason. Verigo's Death is often depicted and implied to be scary scary powerful. Possibly the most powerful out of the Endless and hinted at being the only one that carries on to whatever comes next. She was never really put in a situation she couldn't handle. Marvel's Death got killed by a Donnie Osmond look alike and was surpassed by Thanos at one point. Marvels Death also looks like a human made idea from the 15th century. Marvel's Death is just so damn cartoonish and Western, its hard not to be taken out of stories. Even today's cartoons have more developed and advanced conceptual abstract like characters. Except Death is so tied to Thanos and Thanos is so popular, we basically have to put up with the fact that the only thing that all of us will experience in real life? The thing that hurts and breaks us the most when we have love ones experience? The end of our lives and the end of our lived ones lives? In Marvel, that is a character who despite the massiveness of the universe/multiverse as far as time and scope and scale, decides to actually give special attention to a guy born in the same neighborhood as Earth. So human centric its just sad. Only way I see it fixed is if like DC universe, and even Marvel to some extent, and ironically Thanos as well (and Darkseid) we have never actually seen the real Death, in any story, just like a small fraction of a percent. Like Death's toe hangs out with Thanos or something. I dunno. Heh heh.

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1. Emma Frost, I find her snide, elitist, arrogant, and frankly b*tchy attitude to be unnecesary. Also, recently, her scolding young Jean on using her telepathy on others is wrong was completely hypocritical, as that's all she seems to do. Every single comic I've ever read with her in it hasn't changed how I feel about her. One of my friends tried to explain to me that she acts that way because of all of the hardships and trauma she's been through, but guess what? ALL superheroes go through hardships and trauma, it comes with the tights and cape.

2. The Punisher. He's not a hero, he's not even an anti hero, he's a maniac with a gun whose black and white view on criminals is ridiculous. He should have been locked away a long time ago.

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I have a certain distaste for Deathstroke. I get that he's cool and all (he was badass in the Arkham Origins trailer for one), but the fact that he essentially had sex with a minor (Terra) is a little uncomfortable. It might come off as being nit-picky to some, but it bothers me.

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But boobs.

Power Girl has (better) boobs..and is actually likable..to me, she's actually the Anti Emma Frost.

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I really don't like Iron Man I cant seem to find a version of Tony Stark that isn't an arrogant Douche.

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You could try Warren Ellis's "Extremis" story.

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True, PG has boobs and personality. The complete package. *Pervy grin*

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True, PG has boobs and personality. The complete package. *Pervy grin*

Hit the showers young man, make it a cold shower.

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The Punisher. He's not a hero, he's not even an anti hero, he's a maniac with a gun whose black and white view on criminals is ridiculous. He should have been locked away a long time ago.


but i like emma frost though

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Is thread is disintegrating