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I'm asking that because, even though Batman is my favorite comic book character, I think they made a very lame Dark Knight this time. Take that Court Of Owls arc, for instance... The story was actually interesting, but both Batman's body and mind seemed so fragile to me. I mean, the only thing that puts him in the same place of heroes like Superman (and sometimes even higher) is his amazing strong mind and intellect.

*I'm not counting the new JLA Batman, cause this one hasn't disappointed me so far.

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I disagree. They made him somewhat less physically capable than he has been in the past, but in three instances he takes on groups that vastly outnumber him. He also, after being starved and drugged in a maze for 7 days, wrecks the Talon. And on the contrary, Batman was very mentally strong. He was able to focus and fight through who knows what kind drugs the Court had him on. Of course he was overpowered by Lincoln March who essentially had an owl-themed Ironman suit.

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As a Batman fan, I MUCH prefer Scott Snyder's Batman to the one written by Geoff Johns. I think Batman only appears weak in Snyder's stories because Scott has been throwing so much s*** at Bruce. Batman is frequently on the ragged edge, but Bruce's inner dialogue has been spot-on in my book.

You might want to try out Detective Comics starting at issue #13. They have a new creative team on that, and from what I've seen so far it seems much more like the traditional Batman from the pre-52 days.