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I'm asking that because, even though Batman is my favorite comic book character, I think they made a very lame Dark Knight this time. Take that Court Of Owls arc, for instance... The story was actually interesting, but both Batman's body and mind seemed so fragile to me. I mean, the only thing that puts him in the same place of heroes like Superman (and sometimes even higher) is his amazing strong mind and intellect.

*I'm not counting the new JLA Batman, cause this one hasn't disappointed me so far.

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Actually, that's what I liked about the new 52 Batman..both in Owls and this Joker story-line, things are not easy for him. Nor should they be. He's a man after all, and seeing him fight back when the chips are down, to me, is more inspiring than him kicking everyone's butt with ease. You go through what he goes through, your mind should get fragile at some point. In fact, that he held it together well enough in the "maze" in the Owls storyline to me would be an astonishing real-life feat. I think you're right, they seem fragile, but big picture, they are not. Resilient, I think is a more accurate adjective here. Reminds me of the Englehart/Rogers run on Detective in the early 70's.(Which was also awesome.)

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@Manwhohaseverything: You have a point... I guess it's okay to be fragile (or resilient), since he's only human after all. But he could have been killed anytime the owls wanted (they just lost because of their desire to see how far he'd go), which is kind of sad. By the way, I haven't read the new story-line, is it good?

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If Batman wasn't tested physically and mentally, the story would be boring and haters would complain about "the BatGod". He pulled through and owned the Owls in the end. If anything, Snyder is doing Batman right.

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I'm enjoying the "Batman" title a lot (not reading the other Bat Books).

My feeling on the "fragility" of Batman is that a hero needs to take it on the chin in the first or second act of a story in order to make the third act triumph mean something.

Bat-fans always say that Batman can beat anyone given prep time.

Scott Snyder's take on Batman stripped away a lot of the things he'd taken for granted as being advantages.