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I've always been interested in the psychology of why we like what we like and why that is different for everyone.

So what is it about your favorites that makes you like them over other characters?

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Depends on the character, generally I like characters that I find interesting.

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@decoy_elite: Not to sound rude, but isn't that kind of a given? I guess what I am asking is, what is "interesting" for you?

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@juliedc: That's the problem, what I find interesting varies so much that I can't really think of anything that really connects characters I like.
Basically I just like who I like and I don't like who I don't.

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I like characters who I can see myself in and who I can watch improve. I can see myself in my favorite character Wolverine because like him, I have made mistakes in my life, and I have been tempted to give in to bitterness, I find it very inspirational that Wolverine has gone through the same hard things as me, but hasn't give in and is trying to improve himself as a person. This is the same reason Batman is my second favorite hero. He has disturbing thoughts and emotions that he has been tempted to give in to, but had shown fortitude by deciding to overcome he's demons by helping others. In general, I don't like characters who are streotypically "good". I like characters whom are shades of grey because I can relate to them.

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I like superman because I grew up without a father. I know that Sounds strange but not having a father was a giant obstacle for me in my childhood and I kind of idealized superman as how my dad would have been if he didn't commit suicide. I looked at superman and saw a strong, powerful, fearless, selfless, perseverant and moral man. The kind of man my mom was raising me to be. How I imagined my father to be. So superman was everything I really wanted out of life as a kid. You could have taken away every toy book game and pleasure If you gbe me my dad I would have been the happiest kid on earth. And watching superman, if only for 30 minutes, I felt like I was watching my dad. I could pretend "he isn't here because he's out saving the world." and that's why I still and will always love superman

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My favorite is Captain America. I like him because, he always seems sure of himself and his convictions, he's never afraid of public opinion, and will always fight for what he believes in. He's always there for his friends. Despite not having any powers, he's always the one in the front, telling others, essentially, "Follow me boys, let's go get'em!". To me, he represents the best of what humanity can hope to be someday. Also there is the military aspect, my grand father was in WW2 and was one of the brave soldiers to storm Omaha Beach on June 7, 1944. So in a way, reading Cap kind of helps me connect with a man that even though he died fairly recently, 3 years ago, I never really got the chance to connect with, as up until the last few years of his life him and my mom were kind of estranged.

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Namor, because as a character you can always trust him to say or do what he thinks, regardless of public opinion. I also like his confidence, he is a character that will never doubt himself which i found really great to read about.

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Spider-Man is because I grew up watching him on TV, then reading his books. As I got older I found his 'outcast' (for lack of a better term) and nerdy demeanor relatable.

In the case of Venom, Flash is a military man like myself. And while I have not been disfigured like he has from war, I understand his mindset. I understand the guilt and regret that comes with the territory, so I find him very relatable.

Even if I am drawn to a character he needs to have good stories, because otherwise I won't be entertained.

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I like Rice Boy quite a bit because he's a really small and weak character with a big destiny, but unlike most characters of this archetype he never really gets stronger and the way his goal taxes on him feels a lot more dramatic because of how the circumstances turn out.

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Superman - Unwavering moral responsibility, even if the choices are tough

Batman - Genius, practical, adaptable, realist

Hal Jordan - Flawed, never-say-die

Aquaman - Leader

Lex Luthor - Genius, Visionary

Sinestro - Anti-hero

Jonah Hex - Badass

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Batman - he is awesome, dark and is a funny character too like (in terms of wanking)

Nightwing - because he went from being THE original side kick of comics to being a growing character Eventually became a hero in his own name and was a leader of a team of characters that actually have powers

Superman - a symbol of America. He is the difference between right and wrong, he is the first and the original super hero

Captain America - he punched hitler in the face.

Hulk/Bruce banner - a weak man who can become the strongest there is in an instant

Deathstroke - he is just like a cooler n evil version of captain America

Spider-man - his powers (I don't really like his character)

The punisher - what he does is not right, but in the same way he isn't wrong if that makes sense

Spectre - biblical, powerful and judges

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I like characters that go threw hardship and pain but never stop trying to make things better around them. I like that the pain that gets put on them only makes them wait to change things more. This is why I read daredevil and why I watch sons of anarchy.

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i like kaine cause of what he's been through, he changed from an assassin, to a monster and then became a hero . it shows that he wants to do something different with his second life and make up for his past.