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Why do people like trades? Doesn't it take away the charm of an actual comic book? I noticed some people collect them as well, is that because they're super rare?

Also, who came up with the term trades? It makes it extremely annoying when trying to discuss actual comic trades where people swap.

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It makes it easily to read comics.

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They're often cheaper as a set than singularly (although Marvel's recent 4 issue trades are more expensive...grrrr). They're more durable than comic books, especially hardcover. They're easier to find and buy then singular back issues of comic books.

I'm sure there's more reasons on the top of these.

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I collect both, sometimes its nice to just get a full story.

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They look nice on my shelf

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I came up with the term "trades"....it was 35 years ago today actually....I was standing on my toilet hanging a picture and I slipped and fell and hit my head...when I woke up I had the glorious idea for trade paperbacks.....you're welcome

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They usually collect a full story, and can be read without having to fumble with multiple issues. There are usually no adds, they can be taken places with less hastle, and in the past they were cheaper....not so much now. They're great for catching up on a series that one is way behind on, or one that finished a long time ago (rather than having to track down EVERY ISSUE on eBay or something). They can also be stored more easily (on shelves), and are more durable.

I have no idea why they're called trades, but it's not usually that confusing since they're often just referred to as graphic novels or TPBs.

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  • Price
  • No Ads
  • Durable
  • Extras
  • Complete Story/Story Arc
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Can be cheaper, easier to find than single issues, good display. I get them if their older stories that I don't have.

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You get the whole story in one piece. And they tend to be hardcover, and hence more durable.

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i prefer single issues. i only get trades to catch up on good stories since it'll cost less than buying every individual issue.

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I prefer trades because I don't like waiting a month to read a chapter in a 6 issue arc. That's just me.