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Tell me what you guys think:

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You have just about convinced me to check out some Spider-girl trades!

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@Glitch_Spawn: YAY I hoped that after some people watched the video that they would be willing to pick up some trades. If you ever get to pick up the trades tell me if you like them

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I think I was turned away by the fact she fights girl versions of Spider Man villains. It made me think it was like a genderswap version of Spider-Man universe, and in other words a retelling, but I guess there is more to it than that.

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Spider-girl was the first Marvel book i ever read and Im still not sure what attracted me to the character in the first place but i do know that i like her more than Peter Parker

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As I recall, What If? 105 came out when the Clone Saga was in full effect and I was looking for something just a little less complicated. As Spider-Girl got her own series, the dreadful Chapter One happened and John Byrne and the triple-ly dreadful Howard Mackie were beginning the long and treacherous path down which Peter Parker has never recovered. May's title, on the other hand gave us a great look at what any real Spider-Man fan wanted to see: Peter and MJ finally living happily ever after. Aunt May had finally passed on and wasn't coming back. Peter had finally gotten a steady, respectable job and was finally taken seriously by the community at large. The Marvel universe as a whole had finally moved forward rather than repeating the same cycle over and over and over. Characters like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers got old and even died and new heroes took their places to stay and at the top of this list was May Parker. I got back into comics with Untold Tales of Spider-Man. That book (by the same original artist coincidentally) is a great example of what made Spider-Man awesome. He had all the normal everyman problems, but he also had fun and wasn't weighted down with cheap powers, cheap story lines and cheap, wannabe, retread writers who think they are innovative and original. May's book(s) were/are FUN! May had the "oh crap I've got to find a way to save those people without revealing my powers and then get home in time for supper and homework" feel that made the original issues of Amazing Spider-Man so popular. Mayday had a regular supporting cast that were integral parts of the book and you were made to feel for them, rather than them just being background art work. One of the things I really, really liked about May was the fact that she was one of the "cool" kids at school, rather than an outcast like Peter. She also had "cool kid" hero friends like such as American Dream and the new Avengers.

Finally, three of the best things about May's various books and the M2 universe were Tom Defalco, Pat Olliffe and Ron Frenz. These guys, like us Mayday fans, showed they really cared about May and her universe as much as we did. They weren't hired guns who take a character, do a bunch of stupid crap to make headlines and then move on leaving the character worse than they found them like most Spider-Man writers for the last decade and a half have done and are still doing. Tom answered email and responded on bulletin boards to Mayday fans.

Being such a huge fan of Spider-Man, it saddens and sickens me to read what is and has been done to the character over the past 15-odd years. He used to be fun and have his own little part of the universe going. Now... well, the Spider-Girl titles continued that story where everything since "Chapter One" has failed. The bottom line is, Spider-Girl was fun! And missed.