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I was wondering why do artist change from issue to issue in some comics? As far as i remember reading x-force, i think there were different artist working on different issues resulting in minor inconsistency in the art. I was wondering why do they do that? I mainly read japanese comics and in japanese comics the artist is usually one person accompanied by a team of assistants who do backgrounds and stuff, but the main artist stays the same throughout the comic. There were some cases of certain j. comics changing artist, but those were permanent changes.

Either way, i might be misunderstanding something, but if artists do change from issue to issue, i'd like to know why.

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Because certain collections stay in publication for decades (like action comics) so the artists change because they have to be replaced. also theres more than one collection out there so an artist might want to draw something else or the editorial wants him to work on another title, like how ivan reis left aquaman and went to justice league. mangas are the property of the mangaka (as far as i know) so its their own work, but most of the collections out there belong to the company (like batman or x-men), theres creator owned worked out there though and the art is more consistent there

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@Stormbox: I see! It all makes sense now. Thanks for making it clear for me.

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@iNaZerZ: No problem!