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Title says it all.

For me, my brother and i did comicbook battles where we put one character against another and we would debate about who would win, before we even knew this site existed. So when we found out about the Battle Forums I got addicted. And a few days before joining I decided that I'd pick Battle_Forum_Junkie as my username. of, course now I'm hardly on the battle forums at all and mostly spend all of my time on Gen. Discussion...

Yeah, not much foresight involved in that one... :P

But, that's just me, What made you pick that username??

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Would this fit better in Off-Topic board?

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Off Topic,General Discussion doesnt matter :)

I picked this name because its the name of my favorite album Kill 'em All by Metallica.

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good discussion i choose mine bc i love the ocean and oceanmaster of the knew 52 comics rules so thats were i got my idea

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I was sitting in the art classroom before the lesson started and thought of when we used to draw our shoes, and my imagination just drifted off from there.

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I wanted a decent batman related user name without using digits, symbols, and made up words. Plus I like the possible play on words "night" "hood" or "knight" "hood" with the thought of hood meaning thug. I never thought about it possibly referring to a hoodie type hood.

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I like the movie Highlander

and I geuss "beta test" sounded cool in front of it

yeah, I chose pretty randomly

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Because I'm not original :P

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So you could ask me why.

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My name is Nate. My last name starts with Cap so I added the 10 so it would read like Captain. Captain America is my favorite hero.

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Because I am the end boss. The last struggle. The final destination.

Also the night. And vengeance.

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I liked Broly because of his personality(complete psychopath who just doesn't care), I also liked the concept of Hulk(extremely strong dude who only gets stronger with rage), decided to combine them both~

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DTM (Dan the Man) 1980 (birffffdayyyy)

I just looked a bit spazzy there didn't I?! Oh well...

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This was actually originally my PSN name. I picked it because I like Naruto and at the time he was learning sage mode. I could envision myself as a sage so that would make me sagejonathan. It was catchy so I use it for most things.

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I am a casual student of Latin, and I picked Mortium because it sounded cool. It means death/corpse. Although, in retrospect I should have used Araneam Hominus.

#16 Posted by NorrinBoltagonPrime21 (5723 posts) - - Show Bio

mine is a combination of the real names of my favorite heroes- silver surfer, black bolt, and optimus prime

#17 Posted by Tacos_Kickass (844 posts) - - Show Bio

Mine is a public service announcement.

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Aurum in greek means gold

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When I was 10 or 11 years old I got into comics. After loving Batman, X-men and Spiderman the animated series I wanted to read more about them. The first couple comics I read were Fantastic Four, Amazing Spiderman and Savage Dragon. Dragons book really struck me and I became an enormous fan. Now I am 23 and own every issue ever. One of my favorite series ever.

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I thought it sounded cool........

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I am a Elder Scrolls fan.

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I am a symbiosis of about 10 trillion eukaryotic lifeforms + about 100 trillion bacteria.

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Dr Doom is my favorite character

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Well let's see Trebor is my real name, I had a deep liking of Mr Bean as a kid, so I combined the two.

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Because I use this name on all my other stuff and im am allways alone in the dark...

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Because I couldn't access my old account after the move and finally decided to just create a new one, by adding the number "2". As I recall it, I got the original version of the username from an old, obscure GL rogue.

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Because I love me some Darker than Black and I love me some Hei aka the Black Reaper.

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Because its my name!

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I chose this name by accident. I wanted it to be called TheComicAce because it would make me sound like some specialist in comics. But it somehow became comicace3... don't know where the "3" came from but since I can't change it till I become a member I might as well stick with it.

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I just picked the one that first came to mind.

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Spidermonkey was taken.

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I chose this name because I thought it was going to be my gimmick name forever...but I decided to change it up a bit (in real life, kept the name on here). Arturo means strong in Celtic, Cala is the beginning of my last name, Kayvee is something I made up//my nickname.

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Because I'm awesome and my name is Sam. Therefore, AweSam.

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Because i was afraid that another name i pick would be forgotten

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Because my name is Jake and I'm a Mass Effect fanboy. This is also my XBL gamertag, and the handle I use for most things (although my PSN is Lombax_N7......yeah that's right, Ratchet and Clank + Mass Effect......how cool would that be!?)

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Because this is the name I use in all video games and such.

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Because Vikings are cool and Mandalorians are awesome.

And ''Mando'' is how it is abbreviated.

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Whisper is the name of a recurring character from some games I have run, also the one of the characters in a comic series I write.

Unfortunately I can not draw in the least so it got converted into a novel.

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Geoff Johns. I love Sinestro as a Green Lantern more than as a Yellow Lantern. I joined comicvine after the n52 reboot, and the first GL arc, 'Sinestro' was my favourite of all the titles.

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I love Aaron Allston's X-wing novels (which feature Wraith Squadron - that's their crest as my icon). I also joined ComicVine right after Remender's Uncanny X-Force (my favorite comic ever) ended.

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Because of the Waaagh!

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I'm only 19, yet my friends in 6th form always used to refer to me as an old man. My surname also happens to be Raffles. Therefore, OldManRaffles :)

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Because this was the first superhero character I came up with on the now dead City of Heroes mmo game.

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My friends at university had come up with a nickname system after they decided that someone looked like a 'Tony', and with him being 7ft tall, they called him 'Big Tony'. After a while, nearly all of us had a name based on their most significant trait, and then I asked:

"Hold on, so our new moniker is generated based on what our most outstanding feature is?"

And thus, 'Articulate Tony' was born.

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I chose this name because it is the arrow that kills smaug (spoiler from the end of the hobbit)

#50 Posted by JediXMan (30201 posts) - - Show Bio

Been using it for years.

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