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Welcome everyone,

Xtremesteve here, and I should probably say I don't think DC sucks first and foremost. I love the characters and many of the stories, but from from this love I experience hurt week after week when I see sub-par art, stories, character arcs, and marketing gimmicks... I'm here to take a stand for us all!

Each Post I'll pick a new specific topic/issue to bitch and moan about. After I get off my soapbox, you can tell me how nuts I am or how much you agree. So let's get to it!


Stupid Cookie Cutter Henchmen

The Batman universe may be the coolest faction of DC. We all are emotionally connected to all the Gotham characters and how they interact. Some folks even are disgusted by some of them. Jason Todd for example, some folks can't stand, but in all reality that is a testament to the strength of the impact his character has on you. The same way you might boo a heel bad guy wrestler on WWE. These guys jump off the page... but do you remember who they were last punching out?

So in Batman and Robin #12 we get to see G-Man's now dubbed 'The Robins' fight side by side. How awesome is that; to see them all on the same panel? As readers, we can't wait to see that character chemistry interact! It's like the Voltron Lions combining!

But here's the drag... Did any of us give a damn about what they were fighting or why? We sure didn't, and neither did the writers. Let's look at this pathetic, generic glob of a punching bag below:

It's pretty obvious this art was rushed. I don't have an eye for art criticism, but even a laymen could notice a few flaws in this book. But I digress. This ugly blob they are fighting who I assume is (I haven't read the last issue --sorry) a 'Bat-Freak' is a gooey amalgamation of three or so bad guys?? Anyway 'it' is an obvious copy of a bug alien from any blockbuster sci fi movie (Take your pick: Alien, Starship Troopers, MIB, they all look the same) you've ever seen, and frankly, what the hell is it doing in a Batman comic?? Human Centipede 3 has no place in a Gotham street brawl. I know it, you know it, and you know what? The lazy focks at DC knew it too. But they didn't care because caring would be too much work. In fact, DC does this drab all the time.

The editors KNEW you would buy the book to see the Robins interact. So why bother enriching the story with something clever to tangle with? Instead we get Gumby the Super Cockroach with dinner plates for nipples. Kids like giant monster bugs right? Seriously we could replace this thing with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it wouldn't change the impact one bit. Lazy, lazy, lazy!

DC is NOTORIOUS for the generic piss poor punching bag villian. Let's see if I can find a couple more examples from this weeks books:

Yup... sure enough. These similar images from Suicide Squad and Ravagers display some goon baddies we could care less about and look gross to boot. Lets see we've got a massive grey golem with a beer tap for a head, generic Mayan-esque Indiana Jones villians, and who is the orange TMNT dinosaur hanging from the chains? Do any of you have ANY emotional investment, visual interest, or mental stimulation from any of these bad guys?

My point is DC far too often leans on how great their base characters are, and never changes the rest of the formula. Goofy, rushed bad guy gets pummeled by beloved good guys, and then good guys push story forward. Now think back to some of your favorite stories... how important was the Villain, or even minor villains? Gandolf's fight with the fire demon we all remember because he was big, scary, and built up to be a shocking reveal. Really that villain was minor; he only existed to cause Gandolf to ascend (...or whatever) as a plot device. But we digged the fight because it challenged our heroes, and damnit that demon was scary and creative. These guys pictured above... I'd rather forget about before they give me indigestion.

Here's an example of DC getting it right, in Knightfall part 6. Firefly is a relative unknown villain who doesn't normally stand a chance against Batman but serves as a plot driver while simultaneously making a splash in Knightfall because he offers a memorable and unique challenge to our near broken Caped Crusader.

Batman is 'burnt out' from endless fighting, and has to adapt and overcome in unique ways during this fight. His struggles physically in the burning city reflect his inner rapport burning down as well. See how this is SOO much better than Batman just hammering away at Wonder-Nipples the Gummy Worm from earlier??

In short, DC SUCKS because they don't care enough about their story to give you inventive action that serves purpose instead of just page filler. There's no such thing as a minor battle or a minor character. So next time you see a generic villain in fight panel that looks like a lifted scene from Battletoads for Sega Genesis, tell DC: YOU SUCK!

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dude shut the fuck up

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I see this really taking off...

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I predict that things are going to get intense.

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Nobody cares.

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It happens. I'm sure Marvel has their fair share of forgettable villain as well. Can someone name me some popular villains created in the last ten years?

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Going onto a comic website and then saying one of the two most popular franchises in the business sucks, may not be a good idea....

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@Blood1991 said:

Going onto a comic website and then saying one of the two most popular franchises in the business sucks, may not be a good idea....

Nah, 80% of this site is moaning about how one of the two most popular franchises sucks...

On other hand, this is a piss poor reason to moan, honestly. Is it a bit of a problem? Yes. Does it warrant a blog? No. Not every fight has to be emotionally challenging and immersive. Sometimes we do just like to see our heroes knocking heads about. If the story doesn't require a relevant villain, then there's no need for the villains to be relevant in it. Maybe we'd like for them to be more menacing, but we don't really care that they're not because it's not about them.

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I find it funny that he says DC and the reason he gives applies to most every company.

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Please don't claim to be taking "a stand for us all!". You're just making "us all" look bad.

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@mrtrickster said:

dude shut the fuck up

friendly advice, Try not to curse, the mods will get on you for that...

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Anyways DC does not suck, its obviously your opinion and not everyone feels that way...I like dc better than marvel, but theirs alot of people here on this website that will disagree with me that dc is better and they like marvel better for their reasons and they like marvel better because its more of their style and they like the characters more in marvel than they do dc.

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ah 1 of the ONLY 2 real uses for the internet. the other one begins with p*rn.

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@mrtrickster said:

dude shut the fuck up

If you disagree, explain why. Don't reduce yourself to making responses like that.

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Dance parties are all the rage these days.

Oh, and I agree with the OP. DC is just milking the Batman brand to make money. Why else would they make Winick end his first arc of Batwing in Gotham city? To tie into the Court of Owls story, which in my opinion was just na a good move. But of course, it sold. Lol. This guy helps me adress certain issues that I see in the industry. OH WELL!!!

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@mrtrickster said:
dude shut the fuck up
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Nobody cares. YOU SUCK

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@Dernman said:

I find it funny that he says DC and the reason he gives applies to most every company.

Schyeah...this is one of the tropes (good or bad) of the genre. Superhero comics have a very defined (once again for better or worse) set of rules they play by and both Marvel & DC give into the worst of them. The best books either company rise above. That being said I generally prefer creator owned books by Image/Vertigo/Dark Horse/Etc. keeping a balanced reading diet keeps me from getting overly frustrated with cape comics and keeps me reminded that comics is more than just what DC/Marvel has to offer. I'll usually read my superhero books for my "light" reading then move onto my image Vertigo books to get real substance/challenge. That being said today Saga I'll be reading last today.

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I see rants like this all the time,no big deal.

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@mrtrickster said:

dude shut the fuck up

friendly advice, Try not to curse, the mods will get on you for that...

sorry I have very low tolerance for bullshit and stupidity
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Surprised this isn't locked.

I feel like the title lied to me.

Also, where was the art you said was going to be in here?

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@mrtrickster said:


@mrtrickster said:

dude shut the fuck up

friendly advice, Try not to curse, the mods will get on you for that...

sorry I have very low tolerance for bullshit and stupidity

And apparently the rules. Cursing isn't allowed, so please start censoring yourself.

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wow, i remember when i did my first stupid thread.

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One thing I will say..stupid threads do get a lot of attention. If that was my goal, I'd start a "Why Marvel sucks" thread..and would say their heroes are over-powered. Bet I'd have 20 responses quickly pointing out that DC's heroes are just as/if not more over-powered, in the first 15 minutes. A good way to attract attention is to put folks on the defensive.

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Hehe, OP is quite the silly individual. 90% of those complaints are not exclusive to DC first of all. the other 10% are just dumb observations. I rate this one a FAIL. Better luck next time.

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DC > Marvel.... At least when it comes to the stories

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Ramble on

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Well thats you're opinion.

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Stopped reading at the Jason Todd -WWE Heel , comparison . Jason Todd wasn't meant to be an annoying villain . He was a hero that was meant to be liked but he was annoying and strongly disliked which equals a complete fail . He doesn't jump off the page. He's the page that ppl skip to avoid having to read anything involving him! He was simply boring and annoying.

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Also you can't say something "sucks"and then try to act like you're being unbiased and critical. Try to explain you view point by using words that are more descriptive of what your actual complaint is . You could simply say that you prefer Marvel because....or Dc is overpowered because 'blah blah' and that is why you prefer Marvel. No one wants to read a long rant that uses the term 'sucks'because it sounds closed minded and kinda 'derpy Derpa derp'.

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Margarine sucks! But I love how it tastes on toast and baked potatoes.

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