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I love how when some one slower than Flash tags him it's automatically PIS.

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@dredeuced: Superman fights fifth-dimensional beings such as Mr. Mxyzptlk that can pretty much do anything to our world, so let's not downplay Superman's villians because he has an awesome rouges gallery that is among the most powerful. Aside from that I do think that The Flash is among the most powerful in the DC universe.

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Characters such as Superman and The Flash only get to exhibt their powers potenial the fullest when they are on their own title or written by Grant Morrison in the Justice League title. Grant Morrison's run manged to give every hero their moment never making any of them look useless. I loved Final Crisis because it had some amazing moments for some characters, Barry and Wally out running death, Superman not just punching but using his brain and building the miracle machine, Batman shooting Darksied, even Green Arrow and Black Canary had their moments. I honestly have not enjoyed John's take, I feel that he does not understand some of the characters and his just rehasing storylines.