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Why is it that in the comics Superman can fly in space without a space suit but in the DCAU he wears a space suit whenever he is in space? Can anybody explain why that is the case?

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@texasdingo: He can, it's just easier to wear the suit so he's not constantly having to hold his breathe, technically one can't "breathe" in space.

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Umm, nothing can breathe in space, there is no air.

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Cause they didn't want to over power him.

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I know Superman wears the suit so he can talk.

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Because cartoons dont have the time to explain how Superman's body also generates air or something for him to breathe.

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There is no air in space.

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Umm, nothing can breathe in space, there is no air.

There is no air in space.

Yes, it's been established, even in the OP's pic of Superman in space. Hell, the only thing inaccurate about OP's post is the title.


DCAU Supes is underpowered as f**k. See "world made of cardboard" speech:

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because they wanted to make superman more realistic

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To make another Superman action figure.

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So that Injustice can make more paid dlc. What a truly fitting title.

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I think I saw an interview with Dini, Timm and Burnett that said they de-powered Superman so that the audience could appreciate his struggles to preform his superhuman feats.