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Arkham Asylum is the prison whee everyone in the DC universe goes. Every time there is a breakout. Even if they try to keep someone in they also get out. Don't you think they wold start sending these super villains that are very smart to a different prison. That can't be the only prison in the DC universe. Get them to a different one that has much higher security. Or don't send these criminals to the same prison. What are they thinking? What do you guys think about this?

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@jonEsherfey: Arkham isnt the only prison. Its just the prison where batman villians go to.

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Its not a prison its a mental institution where Batman's mentally ill villains go, the regular criminals go to Black Gate Prison

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Arkham isn't a prison at all, hence the name ''Asylum''

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Also its a Gotham only facility people from other cites go to their facilities such as Belle Reve in Metropolis, Crowley Penitentiary in Fawcett city, Iron Heights Penitentiary in Keystone city, Stryker's Island in Metropolis, point is there are tons of prisons in the DCU

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As mentioned, not quite a prison. It's just an Asylum that acts as a 'prison' (see: Vacation home) for Batman's insane villains. Like Joker. And Two-Face. Why do people keep escaping? For starters, an Asylum isn't BUILT to be a prison. It's designed to keep the mentally ill in, yes. But the vast majority of the time, the mentally ill in such a critical condition that they have to be admitted are physically harmless, or doped up to the point where they might as well be. It's simply not designed to contain a criminal mind which is both insane and genius, such as the Joker. Factor in those with powers, such as Clayface, and it gets even harder to contain them. You have to keep in mind the economy of Gotham as well, as that effects the measures they can take to modify Arkham to contain 'special' 'patients'. Gotham is, despite Batman and Bruce Wayne's best efforts, still riddled with crime. That detracts legitimate money flow considerably. Thus, anyone who might have an interest in keeping the bad guys in Arkham probably either makes money off their rampages, or just doesn't care.

Joker is an exception. Everyone would benefit if they pooled their legitimate and illegitimate resources together to TRY and contain him. They don't in his case, because if he ever DID get out, he'd butcher them all. Some risks just aren't worth taking.

So they don't have the money to really design special containment units for the villains, like Metropolis can design unique prisons to specially contain people like the Atomic Skull (I THINK that's his name.)

So the next part of your question: If they can't hold them in Arkham, why not send them somewhere else? Somewhere more secure?


Not just any Joker, either. He'd be farther away from his 'darling' than ever. He'd be TICKED. Nobody wants that. Especially in a prison specially designed to contain supercriminals. Say they did bring him in. Say they did lock him away from all the other bad guys in their. IF he got out (and he would, he's the Joker) he'd have an army of super villains at his disposal within the prison. That's far more dangerous than him just breaking out on his own.

Sorry if I keep going back to the Joker, but he's the most recognizable of Batman's Rogues. So it's easier to use him as a constant in the argument.

So why does no other prison take Batman's bad guys? Short answer: NO OTHER PRISON CAN HANDLE BATMAN'S BAD GUYS.

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They tried sending them to an alternative prison, if I remember rightly Joker took over the prison and went on a worldwide rampage. Similar to the arkham asylum video game storyline (blackgate prisoners transferred to arkham) but in reverse

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No really... Not only is Arkham Asylum worthless, it seems to make its inmates worse instead of better. They can easily break out of that prison as if it was made of cardboard!

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@JonSmith: I think a prison that can handle some of Superman's enemies or the Flash's collection of freaks and weirdos that makes Gotham look normal could handle Joker.

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@JonSmith: Iron Heights in Flash's CIty does a better job

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Characters whose stories are created by an ever-changing cast of writers and artists, whose continuing adventures run for decades beyond anything realistic, require an enormous suspension of disbelief.

Just roll with it.

The alternative means abandoning an iconic setting in the Batman universe for the sake or overrated realism. Don't get sucked in by that nonsense, man.

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The writers want to keep that place relevant by expanding the mythos of that place. Oh well.

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I always thought Batman should build his own prison.

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So that Batman can make money off more video games!

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Don't forget about Suicide Squad. That's another reason why the villains keep escaping - because Amanda Waller needs criminals to do the dirty job for the government.