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So anyways, i'm not being a troll or anything but WTH why are all the hulk fanboys I see so irrational, ignorant and incompetent? On youtube i'm watching a vid about thor or something, then a hulk fan boy would just come along and say "NORMAL HULK WOULD SO TOTALLY SMASH RUNE KING THOR! WHAT CAN MAGIC DO AGAINST STRENGTH IT SELF?" or they would just make things up on the spot that never happened in the comics like "To all the moron galactus fanpussys, galactus hasn't pulled of any feats like the hulk has! hulk has destroyed 2 galaxies in 1 blow man!!." This kind of stuff puts me completely off the hulk :l Anyways, usually when I look at the hulk fanboys youtube accounts they are usually bulkers and guys trying to get buff D: How ever, some hulk fans are great! they give good feats, reasons ect (but I rarely see them) but the ones I allways so are so irrational.. They just get so mad and hateful and start to swear a heap!!! I use to like the hulk when I was younger and I still didint mind him to recently.. Now I just hate anything to do with the hulk because of it's fan boys T.T (They also say rubbish like he can 1 shot living tribunal and any celestial with ease) lmao -_- Arghhghghg it just makes me so upset at how these fanboys manage to take all the fun out of reading the comics :L Sorry to all the decent hulk fans I offended or anything lol

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In terms of general irrational ignorent incompetence his fans are faaaaar behind others. Batman fans > Storm fans > Wonder woman fans > Flash Fans > Batman fans again > everyone else.

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Because they're fanboys. By the very nature of being a fanboy, their behavior is irrational and fanatical. It's comparable to that of any other group of fanboys.

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@roboadmiral: nah, I havn't seen people worse than hulk fanboys T.T

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C'mon, man, this really isn't a necessary thread. There are plenty of ways to voice your complaints and irritations without summarily insulting a group in the title of the thread alone.

I'm closing this, as all it's going to do is bait people. In the future, please refrain from creating threads for the purpose of baiting. Thanks.