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Seriosly motorcity,symbionic titan, spectacular spiderman, emh, thundercats 2011, wolverine and the x men, generator rex, yj, and gl

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I have no idea, it's a conspiracy.

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It's kind of a shame really. I understand the Batman show, people love Batman. But Young Justice was equally accessible for kids and adults, where Teen Titans Go looks pretty intolerable for an adult.

Cancelling Green Lantern is a tragedy across the board though.

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Its hard to understand why. These shows are amazing or have potential but they still get cancelled, maybe because the company loses faith in their product or lose interest.

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This is upsetting. I was really upset when Wolverine and the X-Men got cancelled because judging by the next season, they would have introduced more characters and tried to make the storylines much better, but I guess we'll never see that happen again. So many good shows get cancelled too early.