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Cant just pick one

In no particular order


Doctor Doom




Doctor Octopus

Omega Red

Silver Samurai



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This guy right here.

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Dr Doom





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@evilvegeta74 said:

Molecule Man because he can defeat anyone, even the Beyonder!!!

Um... The molecule man LOST to the Beyonder. In fact, the fight you are showing a scan of, he lost.... Big time.

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By Clay Mann
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@ssejllenrad said:

The cliche... Magneto and Dr. Doom.

I was going to post them, then I saw somebody already beat me to it. So I will quote you.

Dr. Doom and Magneto may very well be the best characters Marvel has to offer period. My love for Doom was completely solidified when, through sheer willpower, defeated the Beyonder in Secret Wars. And frankly, if I was a mutant, id follow Magneto, no contest.

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@frostphoenix said:

My favorite villain is Dr. Doom and even in some stories you can see that he is not exactly a villain.

I love to read about this character. I find his background story very interesting.

This image or a variation of which was one of my first forays into comics I thought Doom was so cool even before I understood he was a villain

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@wr3h said:

This guy right here.

Venom is more an anti-hero than a villain.

I pretty shocked that nobody has mention Kingpin before. Alone the Daredevil: Born Again Story arc puts him up there.

Born Again
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If I had to pick one I go for... King Hyperion. This guy is bad A$$ he basiclly killed all the heroes and villains in his universe plus almost disstroyed the Marvel multiverse. Now thats what i call a awesome villain.

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He's a badass, he's not evil just to be evil and has some justification in his actions. He's highly intelligent and ultimately is doing what he thinks is right, just in an "The ends justify the means kinda way

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Sinister! I love that guy. I'm digging his new Victorian look.

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Thanos is way too cool

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@ssejllenrad said:

Magneto and Dr. Doom.

me too

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 Doc Ock
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Either Norman Osborn or the Leader.

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Doom by Olivier Coipel

Sinister, manipulative, cunning and very intelligent. Also he bested many characters within the Marvel Universe.

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Probably Doc Doom or Venom. The former simply because he has a pimpin costume design, is constantly awesome in nearly every appearance, and is the prime 'mastermind with minions' villain archetype, imo. The latter simply because of the cool factor - he has one of my favorite villain designs and I've always liked his appearances in other media. Funnily enough, I've never actually read that much of Venom.

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1. thanos

2. Dormammu (close behind)

3. Onslaught

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4. Carnage

5. King Hyperion

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Green Goblin

To name a few... I can't choose. These are some of my favorites that came to mind first. Sorry for being so inconclusive.

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Childhood fav.

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Kang the Conqueror - Just finished re-reading Kang Dynasty and Avengers Forever and love how Busiek portrayed him. He is the ultimate general and has conquered a 1,000 worlds throughout time. He has almost as many quotable moments as Von Doom. I love how he is at constant battle to fight his destiny to become Immortus. He is also one of the few to completely conquer the Earth and would have succeeded had it not been his son's infatuation and assistance of Carol Danvers.

Doom and Ultron are a close 2 and 3 for me.

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Randall Flagg

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Doom is by far, in my opinion, the best villan in Marvel he has beaten other villans like Magneto and Red Skull. With prep he has beaten powerful beings like Silver Surfer, Galactus and even PR Beyonder.

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Norman Osborn

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Considering Magneto has been on the x-men for quite some time I'm not sure if it's fair to call him a villain any more. I've always like Apocalypse myself, and Mr. Sinister (and love their ties).

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Dr Doom. He's one of the reasons I got into comics.

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Doctor Doom.

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This is a difficult question. It comes down to Dr. Doom, Magneto, Thanos, Count Nefaria, Korvac and Ultron.

I choose Thanos because he's Marvel's Darkseid and he's just as evil.

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he's a giant seven-headed snake of inconceivable power who wants to destroy all mammalian life.

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Like the guys with a personal agenda who doesnt necessarily want to rule an entire universe

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The hunger that does not cease, GALACTUS!

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Victor Von Doom.

Intellect equaled only by Reed Richards

Prep feats equaled by only Reed Richards

Magic second only to Doctor Strange and still greater than > Dormammu, Echantress, Morgan Le Fay, Ghost Riders, Brother Voodoo

Willpower greater than everyone on marvel earth resisting Apocalypses mind control, pwning purple man (with amped powers) as well as telling Emma stone her telepathy wont reach his mind. Let alone withstanding battles with the Mad Celestials as well as IG and teams of heroes and villains alike.

Strength to defeat the Hulk, Cosmic Hulk and Thing.

Tech that dwarfs Tony Stark and Hank Pym

Charisma He's a natural born leader and master strategist.

Don't even get me started on feats...

Dont believe me? Just ask Mephisto, Galactus, Reed Richards, Silver Surfer, Asgardians, Dormammu, Marquis of Death, Pre-Retcon Beyonder, The Watcher, Adam Warlock and Magus Pre-Retcon Molecule man, STAN LEE...

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Need I say more? :D

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It's tough because a lot of villains can have a good deal of appeal. Doom's like an evil-Volstagg, with brains - it's fun to watch him do what he does and read his dialogue and that's what appeals to me. The guy is not only fun, but he's a believable threat, even when lurking in the shadows or doing something "good" - he takes his prize.

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Ultimate Universe Magneto

He took out more than half of the heroes and millions of people in the ultimate universe.

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in order galactus, mandarin, mysterio, rhino, loki