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My favorite is Thanos. Who's yours?

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Top 5:

Anti-Monitor (COIE)

Doomsday (The original one)




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Joker all day, every day. Darkseid is a close second.

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Joker but rather a type who he can somewhat fall into

the schemers Luthor/Savage/Darkseid/Thanos/Brain/Zemo/Red Skull/Dr.Doom

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1. Joker

2. Bane

3. Darkseid


1. Venom

2. Doctor Doom

3. Thanos

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Well my favorite would probably be Thanos because of his intelligence and attitude. The only problem is that he is too powerful sometimes and they and they have to make him do something to beat himself basically in order for the good guys to win. Same thing with my second favorite character, Victor Von Doom.

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Freddy Krueger


Lex Luthor

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Lex Luthor (surprise!)

Doc Ock


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Maxwell Lord.

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist."
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Lex Luthor - to me probably the most poetically written villain

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The Hood


Poison Ivy

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Top 5 DC:

Lex luthor- for his brilliance and one of the best written. I can't imagine a better superman villain than him.

Joker- for his scheme and antics..antics are improtant for a a guy who plays villain to a hero who is serious

Nekron- mmm no too much to say about him other than his power the dude could solo darkseid aha .. but he makes my list because of his cool design and evilness. dude has no light in his soul (LITTERALLY lol)

Sinestro- there is alot of reasons, but he is such a good villain that he can make me sometimes believe his ideals are right lol which is WRONG! but only sinestro. I find him cooler than Hal Jordan.

Deathstroke- I like him because like sinestro, he has alot of depth. i enjoy reading him in action when he's kickin some a** and i enjoy reading about the man underneath the mask. When the New 52 started DC was right to give him his own series..unfortunatley DC ruined this by letting Rob Liefeld take over...nuff said.

top 5 Marvel:

magneto- Best x-men villain IMO. like sinestro, He gets me to lean toward his crazy ideals. he wants whats best for mutantkind, sometimes it is too extreme but you cannot deny the passion to want to bring his race to pwoer. and what he is able to do with his magnetic powers is creative and cool :)

Sinister- another xmen villain aha not as cool as magneto but i love his gimmick and ego..that is all aha and he is powerfull enough to make it into my top 5 list

Carnage(cletus) - haha gotta love carnage man! unlike venom who has actually been tamed and became a really cool hero-ish kind character. Carnage has accomplished soo much of what he loves to do.. KILL KILL KILL! that is what a villain should be doing. and he loves to do it. he gets it done. also his design is cool..but venos deign is slightly cooler..but I feel Carnage deserves to be the better villain.

Red Skull- I I ve always loved this villain as a kidd...idk why but i liked nazis as a kid..i was too young to know there morales but somehow red skull did it for me aha i hate how he was int he Captain america movie, he didnt feel as cool as he shouldve, especially since he was played be a good actor. i was hoping for more but he remains on my list and cant wait to see more of him in the upcomming marvel now

Dark Phoenix- Its cool to see a female be portrayed as soo powerful, the things she can do, the people she can can she not make you top 5 villain list.

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Personally, I wouldn't call characters like Thanos or Nekkron "villains" they are somehow beyond that, a higher level of evil if you will. My favorite villain would have to be Doctor Doom. (In the rare case that he's heroic he's one of my favorite heroes too.)

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@Termination: Golgoth. He's the Doctor Doom who dominated Superman.

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DC: 1.Joker 2.Riddler 3.Scarecrow 4.The Shade 5.Killer Crock - Marvel: 1.Sauron 2.Juggernaught 3.Beetle 4.Scorpion 5.Pyro

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Boba Fett

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My favorite is the Joker but I also love Thanos and Sinestro.

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