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With the upcoming JL movie there's been a lot of talk about which Green Lantern the movie should use most say Hal but there are a lot of people who say John (with a few Guy's sprinkled in). Those who say John usually use diversity as one of the reasons but also say he's the most famous GL because he was used in the popular Justice League cartoons. Then again Hal has his own cartoon and his own movie, plus people of a certain age will probably remember him from Super Friends.

In my experience when most people hear the name Green Lantern they say "the black guy right?" I knew a lot of people who were confused when they saw commercials for the GL movie and saw Ryan Reynolds. So even though Hal has had his own movie and cartoon I've noticed that a lot of people still think of John when they hear about the Green Lantern.

Who do you think is more well known?

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I think John is more well known because of the JL cartoon unless they read comics or know someone who does and has explained it to them most people don't even know who Hal, Kyle and Guy are.

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Green Lantern? That's the Martian, right? Nyahahaha!

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It really depends on your age. Younger people are more likely to say Stewart, and older people are more likely to say Hal. Hal is definitely the more iconic Lantern though.

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Hal Jordan by miles, although in the days of Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, John Stewart had a chance.

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John. Honestly, most non-fans know him because of the Justice League cartoon series. People were still confused when they saw the trailer for the GL movie and thought "who?"

I knew Hal before I knew John, though.

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By casual fans, John.

By usual fans, Hal.

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I would say Hal because of the movie, new cartoon, and video game adaptations, but John is pretty recognizable.

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Hal Jordan. John Stewart lost his peak popularity after Justice League Unlimited ended.

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Hal. John only has any major popularity due to the JL cartoon, although that's died down.

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I'd say Hal, back when I was a kid and wasn't really in to comics I still knew that Hal Jordan was Green Lantern (although funnily enough Hal wasn't even Green Lantern at that time)

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Hal. John only has any major popularity due to the JL cartoon, although that's died down.


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Hal is more popular, because of the recently released film.

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Hal Jordan is known as the Green Lantern. The only ones who knew John over Hal were people who watched the Justice League cartoon.

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Before the movie, a lot of people who grew up with JL/JLU though of John Stewart as GL, obviously except those that remember SuperFriends. 
After the movie, pretty much every piece of GL related media has had Hal Jordan star, and even though the movie didn't do that well, everybody still recognised Ryan Reynolds as Hal.

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@dondave: Do all your comments consist of this?

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IMO, I'd go with Hal Jordan.

Before the JL/JLU animated series, I had no idea who John Stewart was. I was and is still a newbie when it comes to comic books. As a guy who relied mostly on Wikipedia for information on certain characters, I always assumed Hal to be GL. :\

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I liked Hal better.

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@Stormbox: most of the time I'm too lazy it to type it out myself, so I quote

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John Stewart.