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darkseid? despero? brainiac? ultra humanite?

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My personal choice is Darkseid but there could be an argument for Brainiac.

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I like Despero the most and think he is physically stronger but.. Darkseid will probably remain the Justice League nemesis and greatest villain for a long time.

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I really like the White Martians, but of course Darkseid would have to be number 1.

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Darkseid and Apokolips are sort of borrowed from the New Gods title. I like Crime Syndicate and I hope DC just reboots Crime Syndicate into the main earth. I heard there is already an owl man on the main earth from the court of owls story. I think Amazo can be as great as Ultron if done right. The mind control of Starro is also a great threat.

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I'd say Darkseid.

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darkseid. braniac is really evil he just sees things through logic and computations , he is indifferent as organic life is concerned while darkseid is evil , knows it , and pretty much revels in it. despero as far as this list goes is second most evil, ultra-humanite is very evil as far as PETA is concerned

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Darkseid is the obvious answer. However, my other two favorites would be:

The Crime Syndicate of Amerika

Even though the second one never directly fought the League, Starro the Conqueror was retconned as the mastermind behind the Star Conquerors, and I like it that way.

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As far as my personal opinion and observations go; I'd say Darkseid. However Amazo and the Crime Syndicate are also personal favorite antagonists of mine as well.