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#51 Posted by wired604 (1 posts) - - Show Bio


Why not Xavier. Wouldn't he make sure no more war ever need to would be fought?

#52 Posted by Timandm (3374 posts) - - Show Bio

None of them.  
Captain America just invaded another country without a congressional declaration of war.
Tony Stark arrested and indefinitely detained American Citizens without a trial and meant to keep them there forever
Batman would have to stop being Batman
Superman... Well.. maybe he could...

#53 Posted by lykopis (10746 posts) - - Show Bio

@inferiorego said:


and seriously, I would pick Magneto.

#54 Posted by crazyflashfan11 (182 posts) - - Show Bio

@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

Yes please...


#55 Posted by Immortal777 (7624 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman he won't let power go to his head, we'd have a tech advancement, there would be no crime, and who in the real world would even attempt to start a war with a country led by Superman.

#56 Posted by RedHush1 (96 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd go with Batman because he had a counter plan for the Justice League who knows what else he could make counter plans for. He oculd make it for diseases, war, and so many other things

#57 Posted by ImmortalOne (3471 posts) - - Show Bio

Cobblepot 2016!

#58 Posted by chocobojam (288 posts) - - Show Bio

How bout Wolverine. if he can manage a school then he can probably manage a country right!?

#59 Posted by JamesKM716 (1992 posts) - - Show Bio

Cap for President

Iron Man for Chief of Staff

Batman for VP

#60 Posted by quirky_anecdotes (344 posts) - - Show Bio

@Bionder said:

I would trust my country to the Punisher.

We had a country like that. It ended with the dropping of the A bomb.

#61 Posted by Decoy Elite (30041 posts) - - Show Bio

Cap for Prez, every day of the week.

#62 Posted by Decoy Elite (30041 posts) - - Show Bio

Wait a sec...no Prez choice!?

#63 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1757 posts) - - Show Bio

Captain America IS everything that is awesome and great and needed in our country today!!

#64 Posted by Onemoreposter (4065 posts) - - Show Bio

Cap. As someone who lives in America, I don't think there's anyone on that list that loves this country more. If Cap was the president I think he'd always put the country first and always do what he thought was best for it.

#65 Posted by Bionder (296 posts) - - Show Bio

@quirky_anecdotes: Oh yeah? you have to tell me which country was that.

#66 Posted by TheRobin (17 posts) - - Show Bio

The Joker

All hail complete Anarchy!

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I was tempted to say Superman because he's a moral character, the best of us all. But his immense power i think would be too much for a leader. So I chose Captain America. Cyclops was up there too.Not old goody-two-shoes Cyclops but Post-Phoenix Cyclops.