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Who would you want as Editor In Chief at DC?

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Uuuhhhhh, Gail Simone?

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Anyone but Dan.

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Bruce Timm and Paul Dini......

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Definitely Mark Waid.

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Bruce Timm anybody?

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Bruce Timm. And Morrison should have Johns' position.

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Bruce Timm being and EiC would be a step down for him.

Now Karen Berger, Alex Alonso or Mark Waid being EiC would be great.


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Bruce Timm or Paul Dini would be an awesome EiC for DC. If Morrison took over from Johns and the hacks known as Bob Harras and Dan Didio would be gone faster than a speeding bullet. That would be awesome. Of course no one's going to listen to the bright ideas of some disgruntled comic book forum poster/fan.

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It's a shame when the people who are best known for their adaptations of a work are widely perceived as caring more for said work than the person who's supposed to be the grand poobah of it all. It really speaks to the incompetence of the Didiot.

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Mark Waid

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I would say Mark Waid or Geoff Johns.