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So for some reason yesterday I was thinking really long and hard about this after reading a few of my books this week. It got me thinking if I was stuck on a tropical planet and I was marooned on this planet with either one super hero or villain who would it be. For the most part I'm stuck on this planet and want to make sure I try to survive but also stay sane just in case rescue doesn't come. I thought long and hard about it and I came up with first Wolverine for his abilities to survive in wilderness conditions, would be a good person to be watching your back just in case dangerous predators are around. My second choice was Michaelangelo from TMNT mainly cause he's probably a totally rad guy to hang around with, and probably if times get tough and I have to think about staying alive a human size turtle for soup sounds pretty good than cannibalization. My ultimate choice at the end of the day was probably the Riddler, yeah sure he probably doesn't have the survival instincts of a Wolverine or isn't as tasty as a giant sized ninja turtle. Yet what he does have are an abundant amount of riddles to keep me sane until rescue arrives. So yeah... wonder if anybody else had any better picks and why?

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Adult Franklin Richards. Could create universes. Or food. Or shelter. Or electricity. Or just straight up teleport us away from the area. Plus, he's a swell guy.

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Zatanna, conjure me up some of that pizza and coke before we cruise home on magical airplane!

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Me + Zatanna + Deserted Planet = <3

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On a High-End Level: Lucifer Morningstar - "How bout you make me some of them universe of yours?"

On a Mid-Tier Level: Green Lantern-"GL get us of this planet? Please? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?"

On a Street Level: Green Arrow - "Hey Olie you've already been through this sh*t before. Do your thang!"