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In your opinion who is the most brutal hero or villain in Marvel?

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Maybe Punisher.

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punisher i dont read it but ive seen scans on here and there pretty violent.

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Sabertooth has done some seriously vicious things over the years but it's hard to say because all of the top level darker villains are like that. Dark Beast experimenting on living mutants and Doom doing the same to asguards. All of that is pretty brutal. For heroes it's Ares,Punisher,Deadpool,Deathlock,War-Machine.Wolverine,Sentry

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Punisher, cold and non-tolerating personality.

Thanos and Dr. Doom, are pretty brutal supervillains.

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dang sabertooth is brutal. punisher may be even more brutal and that is saying a lot

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I think Carnage is the most brutal. He is a pure sadist who kills a lot of people on panel.