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So you can choose everyone if you look a bit like them, Dc, Marvel, image I don't care. Yes, I got this idea of the podcast you can always help others you can (you're not obliged too) post a picture of yourself and the character.

so mine

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if i grow my hair out i can pull off a young gateway

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The Godfather. Because I'm a badass.

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Realistically, probably Foggy Nelson. If I got ripped, I think I could pass as Maxwell Lord.

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patriot from young avengers or one of the bang babies from milestone

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Storm from X-Men. Just give me a white wig and I'll pull it off!

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Maybe Captain Marvel Jr.

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No one. :(

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@Loki9876 said:

Your accent would make it a bit weird though XP

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I could play Desmond Miles in a AC movie. I have the same haircut and skin tone. Just need a scar on the lip.

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The creepy side character that sits in the back of the class and watches everyone. Quietly.

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@CaioTrubat said:

Just need a scar on the lip.

You rang?

On topic, I could probably play a decent Peter Parker. If I got over my crippling hatred of humanity.

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@JonSmith: >_>

I said scar on the lip, not splitting my head over :P

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Guy at the bottom left.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: well, except for the accent and acting abilities

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Random citizen.

Or perhaps a younger Jessica Jones. At a push.....Minus the pink hair.

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no one. i would butcher who ever i play with my terrible acting and as a fan i simply cannot do that.

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@Telcalipoca: let's just say for the game your a superb actor (I can't act just by looks, age ,hair, etc...)

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Who would I play?
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So are we basing this on looks, acting ability, or desire?

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@xybernauts: desire and looks

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Shade, the Changing Man

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I would gladly play The Ghostly Goose from Top 10.

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A random civilian in the far background.

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The first person to die brutally