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I am only giving two options cos it seems that i've heard a lot of negative things why people don't want Halle Berry as Storm anymore and that Tyra can't act. So if you can only choose between the two of them, who would you choose to play as Ororo Munroe aka Storm?

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Probably neither. I can't really stand Tyra Banks altogether and Halle Berry just doesn't really physically evoke Storm. If I had to pick one I would stick with Berry.

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I didn't like Halle's storm but mostly because of the way she was written (her line versus Toad springs to mind) but at least she'd be better than someone who actually cannot act.

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The lines they gave to Halle were awful, she did the best she could. Did you see her flying around and being badass against Toad? Wow.

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Neither. Awful choices

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There's already a topic in the Storm forum talking about who should okay her next. We don't need another.