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Poll: Who would win in a all out brawl? (5 votes)

Toyman 60%
Arcade 40%

The rules:

CIS allowed

PIS not

In character

Non-Random Encounter in a football stadium

Only the most used toys are acceptable (No giant robots)

They knew that they would be fighting, but not who.

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Wrong forum, how do I delete?

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@cbishop: Its not so much of a proper battle though either. Oh well, its moved.

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Considering what Arcade did with Murder World, I would give him a slight edge although not knowing precisely who he would be up against could be a good argument for him losing. Each of his games are tailored specifically for his "victims" so in this instance, it would make for an interesting array of gadgets for him to employ.

I still give this to Arcade. His escape plans are almost as tightly crafted as his murder games.