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Over the years comics have had thousands of characters, yet only a select few make it into almost every conversation ever held about comics. Some characters may have only appeared in one or two panels, while others may have only appeared in one or two comics, and others have appeared in hundreds of comics over years. But, what if every character ever conceived were placed in a fight to the death, and only one person could walk away the winner; Who would win? Characters can come from any and all comic book companies, any and all alternate realities, and they can come back from the dead on this. Like I said every comic book character is included in this fight. There are absolutely no rules in this match. The characters could use whatever they want or need to win, and cheating is definitely allowed. Characters may work as a team, but eventually the alliances must end, and if a character commands an army, the army itself must turn on each other and their leader at some point. I don't just want to see a name like Superman pop up as a comment. I want people to really think about every character and their abilities/skills/powers and I want people to really think about how each character would react to an all out battle for their life. When you figure out who you think would win comment and say why you think the character you picked would be the last man standing!

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Lobo The Main Man... Because He is Relentless, he would put a Terminator to shame... He Has an Immortal Soul now that not even Heaven or Hell want anything to do with him...