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Well the first comic character I read was Captain America, Captain America #1. What was the first comic you read and who was the main character?

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Spider-Man, though I don't know what issue. I was a huge fan of the animated series as a kid and my uncle took me to the comic book store and I read a bunch of Spider-Man comics.

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The first comic I read was Archie comics and Archie was practically the first comic book character I was introduced to, even though I had seen the X-Men cartoons before I read the Archie Comics.

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Amazing Spider-Man, I dont know the exact issue though.Back then, I just ordered the back issue that had a villain I really liked (usually recognized the villain from the TV show).

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A very old He-Man comic an old guy sold to me for the equivalent of a dime. (My peso to dollar conversion may not be spot on but I'm sure it might be a dime)

The issue was where Orko got He-Man's powers or something, I was too young back then to understand anything, I just looked at the pictures.

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Don't remember exactly what issue but it had Superman in it.

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Fantastic Four

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Good Lord, I think Spider-Man? It's been so long...

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I remember the first comic I bought...but I'm not sure what was the first comic I read...probably Garfield

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I was a Spider-Man kid, for sure.

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probably Hellboy :)

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I don't remember. I do know that it had to be an Erik Larsen book because that's who my older brother loved. So, it was either Savage Dragon or Spider-Man. I'm pretty sure it was an issue of Spider-Man though

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Captain America. I am still trying to figure out what issue it was. It was from my dad's stack of books from the late 60's and early 70s. It was about 18 years ago when I first read it. I didn't really read comics again until a couple years ago but Cap was the first character I got back into.

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Batman Beyond I think, my step father used to have a ton of old comics, but I only remember some of them.

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The first comics I remember reading as a kid were the Blue Ribbon Comics like "the Shield", "the Fly" and "Mr Justice"... the Shield is still my favorite American themed character...

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Now that I think about it, the first actual comic I've ever read was probably an old Barb Wire issue my Mom bought at random. After that came Spider-Man's Tangled Web (which was really confusing to me as a kid), and a Bionicle promotional comic. Maybe some Archie and Calvin and Hobbes, if those count.

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The first comic I read was one of the early teen issues of Sonic the Hedgehog. But since that was a comic based on a video game, you might argue that he's not a "comic character" proper. Likewise when I started reading Knuckles.

After that, you have to jump about a decade forward, when I started reading Ultimate Spider-Man.

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Years ago my dad bought be a stack of random, old-ish comics. I've just looked through them and a couple were from the Azrael/Knightfall stuff. I'm not quite sure which one I read first, at the time I wasn't a big comic book reader. The first comic series I started to read monthly was the New 52 Green Lantern. So the first comic I can remember reading first was issue 1 of Green Lantern. Pretty boring compared to some others :P

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Batman Long Halloween. Though the first one I actually bought was Batman Year One. (As you can probably tell I took a pretty conventional approach. Starting with the classics.)

I've branched out pretty far since then. I can't imagine how deprived I'd be if I hadn't explored comics. Pretty much my favorite hobby, yet more often my unhealthy obsession.

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Superman, don't know the issue, but its silver age.

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The first comic books I read was Archie comics and Phantom but the first superhero comic book I read was Spider-Man,X-Men and Just Imagine GL. I still remember the day.

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The Original X-Men comics. Man those were fun(and still are)!

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Thor in The Mighty Thor #4 by Fraction.

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Probably Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse or another disney character (where I live there a collected in a weekly comic). Then there was the Archie TMNT and probably a few issues of Phantom as the first superhero books. The first superhero from the big two was Spider-man later followed by spawn (yeah he is not from the big two). Besides Donald Duck none of this was bought regularly. Spider-man became the first superhero I bought regularly around 2002.

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Found this site trying to track down the name of some of the first comics I ever read: Hot Shot Hamish! But my first comics were 1970's Phantom.

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1990's Danny Ketch Ghost Rider.

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amazing spider-man no clue what number or volume, but it was back in early/mid 90's

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Silver age Batman. I can't remember much, but there was one issue where Batman & Robin are looking at teeth set marks or something? and I also remember the issue where Thomas Wayne was Batman.

I didn't read them for very long, because all other comics that I read were with self-contained stories that only lasted one issue, and so I couldn't wrap my head around the longer running stories and different writers and artists (it wasn't made any easier by only buying the occasional issue).

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Sonic the Hedgehog!

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Batman, I think.

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It was a Wolverine comic that my older brother bought. I was about eight at the time. My unprepared eight-year-old brain was blown away.

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Batman: The Killing Joke

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The first comics i ever read Thanos Quest.

The first hard cover TPB book i ever bought , something that has an entire arc in it, that would be Secret Wars 2.

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Not so sure. I guess Simpsons or Justice League. I don't remember exactly though...

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Wolverine.I was about five or seven at the time and completely blown away by the whole experience. Not exactly sure what issue though, but it was definitely a 90,s issue.

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Probably either Batman or Superman. The first comics I read were the few my brother collected in the early 90s. In addition to Batman and Superman, he also had a few issues of Justice League America, Justice League Europe, and Green Lantern.

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The first I ever read was a Green Arrow book that had his early comics in it from my library. The first ones I ever bought was Green Arrow and Savage Hawkman.

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Amazing Fantasy #15...

I had seen a couple of Spider-Man cartoons before, then did some research and found Amazing Spider-Man collections at the library.

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Hulk or DeadPool I forgot

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Mine was Starlord and Nova (Stared in Thanos Impertive)

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The first comic I can remember reading is a Star Wars: Droids comic, but I'm not sure if that counts.

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My sisters ex dropped off all his old comics, and the first I opened was a Daredevil 64 page annual. It was one of those books with The Fatboys as a back story.

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Spider-Man I think, not sure though

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Well I was exposed to all the Marvel and DC characters via tv shows and movies. The first comic book I ever read was about Sonic the Hedgehog. I didn't start actually reading Marvel and DC comics until I started High School.

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I can't remember clearly since it's been so long, but I presume it had to be a Spider-man, Batman or Superman comic. :D


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Not sure if I could read at that time, but my brother bought an Action Comics (fortress of solitude cover) and a World's Finest (faceless superman and green arrow). Brother did not buy comics again. Later on I bought for myself Superboy & Legion (Anti-Lad).