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Is Utopia going to be around anymore? There sure are a lot of mutants living there. Cyclops is gone. Emma is on the run. Prof. X is dead. Who will lead the west coast X-Men? Storm. That bitch needs to fix a few of her own problems regarding a throne and a king. My question is this. Are there any characters that are going to come knocking on wolverine's door asking for a place to stay that Wolverine should look at, laugh, snarl, and tell them to to f*(& off too. Should Wolverine tell them that they had their chance a year before? Why should he let them in when they believed in what Cyclops was preaching, and he doesn't want them preaching the same thing at the school he started up because he felt so apposed to it? Should Utopia stay open with a new leader, and who should that be? Cannonball looks like he could have finally stepped up, but he's becoming an Avenger.