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So I got this idea from a couple of my NCO's, they were competing against eachother to see who could get letters back from famous people and groups. So after seeing that they were actually getting responces, I thought "Well hey I should try that!". My problem is I have no idea who i really want to mail a letter, I dont really care to much about actors and Im not into sports enough to care who's autograph i get, but I do enjoy the comic community. So Could you guys help me decide who i should ask for signatures and swag?

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You lost me at swag.

Try Frank Miller!

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You lost me at swag.

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Frank Miller, that would be a good one.... by the way swag is stuff you get for free that promotes stuff. So if ya went to comic con and they were handing out comic con 2012 buttons, that is swag or at least thats how I think you spell it.

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Mail Alan Moore.

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I sort of want to me mailed back.... I dont see that happening. Plus the only thing I really have read from him is the watchmen...

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Jeph Loeb. Tell him to stop writing comics.

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Scott Lobdell

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@KingSolomon said:

So Could you guys help me decide who i should ask for signatures and swag?

"Now see kids, that's the way swag is supposed to be used. It's awesome stuff like T-Shirts, jerseys, posters, not that crazy way you and Bieber use it" -Lamarr Wilson, WilsonTech1

I recommend you go to a convention (if there are any around you) and see if you can find some big people in the comic book industry there. If not, see if you can get something from legendary writers, like Alan Moore, Judd Winnick, Frank Miller (although he's pretty much lost the ability to write a decent story IMO), or some newer people, like Scott Snyder. Just another thought, maybe a unique person you could try to get a sig from is Malachai Nicolle, who writes Axe Cop.