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Poll: Who should Be main villian in the first Batman reboot that hasnt been used in Dark Knight Trilogy (23 votes)

Killer Croc 4%
Freeze 9%
clayface 0%
poison ivy 4%
black mask 17%
deathstroke 17%
court of owls 26%
red hood 4%
hush 0%
solomun grundy 4%
riddler 13%
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I actually made a thread a while back very similar to this in which I voted Black Mask.

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court of owls , i know they are new but it would be amazing to see them fight batman on the big screen . red hood too complicated to go through , deathstroke is more of a titans villain in my eyes . (batman has enough villains why take slade too? lol) hush is doable , ivy and freeze had their chance . grundy ,croc, and clayface are goons . they can't hold a movie all by themselves . riddler (while already appearing in a bat film) can also hold his own , especially if he jigsaw-esque .

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Dr. Hurt and the Black Glove or the Court of Owls. You should be ashamed for not listing the Black Glove.

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Court of Owls, they are dangerous and would push Batman, like Joker.

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How about Harley and Ivy? :D

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Wow I didn't even think about court of owls. I want Freeze but Cort of Owls would be a bold, but refreshing choice for a film.

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Black Mask then Court of Owls (I'd want to save for sequel)

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How about Dr. Simon Hurt? In fact, I'd have him be the primary antagonist over the course of a new trilogy which borrows heavily from Grant Morrison's epic run, with the first film also featuring Lincoln March and the Court of Owls. Such would allow for a strong focus on the family dynamic, with Bruce dealing with the loss of his father, Thomas Wayne, by struggling against two adversaries who claim that name for themselves (Thomas Wayne Sr. and Thomas Wayne Jr).

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This has been done before. Anyways I voted Deathstroke but I'd be fine with any of those.

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Voted freeze but after reading some comments I think I'm changing my vote to Court of Owls. But only if its done right.