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The title pretty much states my weird question generally.

When I read a book like justice league or batman I like to give everyone their own voice in my head, I'm sure many of you do too. So, who do you imagine?

For batman I can never stray from Kevin Conroy, he embodies the dark knight and his voice in my head. Constantine for some reason comes out as Christian Bale doing an English accent. Wolverine is the classic animated show, so is Beast (hearing him say "fascinating" always cracked me up). Green arrow is Nolan North for me.

No actors or voice actors come to mind for a character like Aquaman but I always hear him with a deep voice, and Hal Jordan is tom cruise in my head. And Diana is also the voice from the JLU, along with j'onn.

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When talking to alfred or robin or justice league: the voice from "The Batman"

When talking to criminals: Bales raspy growling voice

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For Deadpool i imagine Nolan North voice

For Beta Ray Bill i imagine Imperfect Cell voice

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Batman:Conroy although sometimes when he's shouting I hear "WHERE ARE THEY?"

Joker:This is toughest but I hear Heath Ledger especially in n52.Even when he's laughing I no longer hear Mark Hamill.

Superman:Tim Daly from TAS and JL

Wonder Woman:JL version


John Stewart:JL

Wally West:JL

Barry Allen:New Frontier

Hal Jordan:Ryan Reynolds (lol)

Harley Quinn:Sorkin

Lois Lane:TAS

Lex Luthor:TAS

Peter Parker:90s show

Magneto and Xavier and Wolverine:from the original trilogy

Rest of Xmen (Scott , Jean etc):Xmen Evolution

Iron Man:RDJ

Captain America:Xmen Evolution guy

Hulk:When angry Sylvester Stallone, as Banner Mark Ruffalo

Darkseid:Laurence Fishburne

Nightwing:My own voice!

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I hear Steve Blum's voice whenever I read Wolverine dialogue.

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Silver Surfer: Silver Surfer show

Black Bolt:.............

Spider Man: Spectacular Spiderman

Thor: Emh

Martian Manhunter: JLU

Deadpool: MUA2

Question: JLU

Orion: JLU

Reed: FF(1990)

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My Tony stark is also rdj and my Bruce banner is also mark rafullo. Black panther is emh.

For female characters I never use actresses, I usually just use voices that you hear in movies or on the street but can't really be tagged to a certain name, its weird.

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Batman: Bales voice and I had to stop reading Batman comics for a while.