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Of all the various homes superheroes live in, which would you rather live in? And why?

X-men's Mansion

Avenger's Mansion

Fantastic Four's Baxter Building

Justice League Watchtower/Metro tower

Titan's Tower

Wayne Manor

Legion of superheroes Headquarters

I wouldn't mind living in the x-mansion. Looks pretty cozy. The Baxter building too considering its on 42nd street.

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X mansion has everything a person needs, bedrooms, dining room and food, classrooms for keep up with your studies, a pool, tennis courts, training rooms, medical room. There is not better place to live.

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Avengers Mansion.

Speaking of which, is it operational again...? Is Jarvis still around...?

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Watchtower. C'mon it's in SPACE!!!

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@doctor_bong_crosby: The Avengers Unity Squad is using it, I don't know about Jarvis though.

Watchtower because it's the most bad-ass

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I'd say Watch tower if I can live in the variant that was on the moon.

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Wayne manor. Having Alfred around must be great.

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Avengers Mansion.

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Avengers Mansion.

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The watchtower would be an awesome place to live in

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can I live with the character? if so, Titans Tower

if not, probably Avenger's Mansion

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Titan's Tower, mainly because that is the one team I'd be most interested in joining.

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Avengers or Baxter Building for me. I like Manhattan.

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Wayne Manor coz i get a Butler!!

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Baxter Building- Reed has cool stuff all around the place.

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Watchtower would be cool but I say Baxter Building with all the cool stuff Reed probably has in there

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T tower so I can play video games with Cyborg and Beastboy all day.

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Wayne Manor

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T Tower would probably have lots of fun stuff, and it was a pretty good secret if I remember right. Otherwise maybe wayne manor. I want a place that the bad guys don't know about and are attacking all the time. How many times has the x mansion been blowed up? I'm not looking for that in a home :)

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Watchtower..it's in space man...space.

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I prefer to live in the X Men's Mansion

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Wayne Manor. Because only 1 other guy lives there, and he spends 90% of his time BELOW the house.

Whereas all those other places have 10+ people running around at all hours of the night.

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X-Men's mansion

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Watchtower, booyah!

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Assuming I wouldn't die from bone atrophy I choose Watchtower

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Dr. Strange's mansion so he can train me & we'll have Wong as a butler.

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Avengers Mansion.

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The Justice League Watchtower because when it comes to space, I'm there or Titan Tower. So I could play video games and eat pizza with cyborg and beast boy.

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@kraya said:

Wayne manor. Having Alfred around must be great.

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Tie - Watchtower or X-Mansion.

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Justice Leagues' Watchtower definitely. It's incredible.

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Is being attacked factored in here?