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Does anyone on here play DC Universe Online? I play as a hero on USPS3. I'm a cr 87 hard light controller.

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Used to. Don't anymore. But I have fond memories of my last night in DCUO: I randomly ran across a dude who looked like the Hulk, green skin purple shorts, the works. Spent the remainder of the night running around helping him out. Also, super speed running ahead to the objective and dancing there until he got there. Serious dance is the BEST dance for subtly saying, "Yeah, I'm a f***ing super speedster. I have been waiting here in this spot for hours. What took you so long?"

I really enjoyed my time with that game on the PS3.

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I play. Still do. I'm a CR42, I think? I didn't have alot of time before entering the service. Anywho, I need to get my CR up, desperately. I need to get to Central City.

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used to....I was a Fire DPS cr 80 something working on my tier 4 armor....just had to much stuff going on for a while and haven't had the time to get back into it...I have been thinking about at least putting the disc in and running the update cause lord knows that would take forever....I am kind of upset that I cancelled my subscription since I had the original 3 months for 30 bucks deal and that was the cheapest deal they had but they got rid of it and the only way to have it was to have had it from the beginning

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@jonsmith: I play often and in a pretty strong league. I have a troll cr 90 healer cr 81 tank cr 64 a fresh t3 electric dps and a t2 hard light dps all heroes on usps3 if anyone needs a hand or wants to raid pm your char names

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once in a blue moon

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i used to play a ton. Trying out marvel heroes now

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Used to. I enjoyed it when I first played though.

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I used to as well. Not so much anymore.

I have like, three Level 30's.

One of my quick play throughs, named Wizard Of Odd. A character that resembles me, trying to be with the rest of the civilians. And I have a Lobo costume.

I kinda stopped. It's just.. boring to me. Legends PVP is fun, but.. eh. I'll probably play it again once I decide that I want the Green Lantern DLC. I did for a bit, but I figured what's the point if I barely play anymore.

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I'm thinking of playing it when I get/ if I get a ps4.

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I play when bored, mostly flying/running around trying to find characters I like in comics.

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First time and need help real bad..One of the best games I played..But if I can get help thanx.....

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I used to. It was fun for a while.

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I also used to, but not anymore

Good game though