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Name/ Level/ Combat Rating/ Armour/ Mentor/ Power/ Weapon/Platform etc.

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Been a long time since I played DC online don't think I'll ever go back with SWTOR out but DC was fun

Mentor Superman

Power Fire

Weapon Fist

Platform PC

Name Omega

Thats all I remember

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i play occasionally, but not often as i'm mostly on TOR.

mentor - Superman

power - phychic (or something like that?)

weapon - staff

platform - PC

name - Chernobyl Boy

level - only about level 10 with this character i think...

that's all i can remember right now...

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@Immortal777: Yeah, I recently re installed it on my PS3, I made a new character and, stuff. A lot funner then when I first got it when it went free to play.

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I played for a short period of time.

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SoE has a tendency of dicking around its playerbase. I played it for months and subbed for 90% of the time, and I couldn't handle how bad the devs are, from game breaking bugs being left in for weeks at a time, months in a couple of instances, to purposefully answering a bug report wrong then clearing it out calling it solved.

Out of the AAA MMOs that have come out, DCUO has to have one of the worst dev teams.

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Just started, like it so far.

Black Majestros -Tank mentor Superman level 18
Kaptin MahVell- mentor GL level 12

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I might start playing it again since Ncsoft is ending City of Heroes *Cries* :(