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Poll: who is your favourite goblin from the marvel universe? (18 votes)

green goblin 56%
hobgoblin 39%
demogoblin 6%
jack o lantern 11%
carrion 0%
other 0%

make sure you specify which goblin for examble macendale and kingsley

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I liked the most recent version of the Hobgoblin a lot. The original one was also great because his identity was a mystery for so long unlike all other Spider-Man villains.

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Original green was cool, really liked the first Hobgoblin also. Always kinda liked Jack O' lantern to

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Vote Status

Green Goblin:50%


My vote:Green Goblin


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Ultimate Green Goblin, if we're counting alternates.

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Is Jack a Goblin?

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I voted Green Goblin, but there was always something I liked about Jack O' Lantern.

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I started reading comic books right around the time that Hobgoblin was first introduced. He's fascinated me ever since.

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@veshark said:

Ultimate Green Goblin, if we're counting alternates.

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Hobgoblin. R. Kingsley/P. Urich

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Its gotta be Jackolantern for me.

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Ultimate Green Goblin

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@_slim_ said:

Hobgoblin. R. Kingsley/P. Urich