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Marvel or DC doesn't matter which. Who's your favorite villain and what story with them in it was your favorite?

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Depends on my mood, but Scarecrow usually.

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Joker, Black Mask, The Governor, Parasite, Killer Moth, Killer Croc, Lex Luthor, Mad Hatter, and probably more I forgot about, haha.

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Joker, Lex Luthor, Magneto (if you consider him a villain), Zod, Sinestro (again, if you consider him a villain) and others which I can't actually remember at the moment...hmmmm

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This question has been asked time and time again, and I guarantee you that if you go look at every poll that's ever been made concerning that topic, 2/3 will say the answer is Joker.

The 1/3 is always Magneto, with Doom following at 3rd.


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Kang the Conqueror is my favorite villain.

Victor Von Doom is my number two by only a thin margin.

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Kang the Conqueror is a time travelling monarch from a future earth that has conquered thousands of worlds in his own time and many different time lines. One of his only failures is modern day earth with the Marvel heroes. He is a ruthless conqueror but chooses to fight honorably in battle as opposed to killing people when they sleep or manipulating the time stream as his future counterpart, Immortus, likes to do. Kang hates the fact that he becomes Immortus and fights against that eventuality. He is involved in two of my favorite Marvel story lines, both of which written by Kurt Busiek. In Kang Dynasty, he succeeds in conquering the earth for a few months before the heroes are able to rise and take him out. There are some awesome fights between Kang and Captain America. He is also in Avengers Forever in which Avengers from different time periods are pulled together for a story that spans much of Marvel history. It is an awesome story that has great moments for Kang. He is a character like Doom that doesn't always fight for evil. He fights for himself and sometimes that lands him on the side of the angels.

He is also the main antagonist on the last arc of Uncanny Avengers. The Avengers: EMH cartoon did a pretty good job portraying him in their several part episodes around him.

And nobody looks cooler sitting on a purple, floating beanbag chair. (I am trying to upload a picture but having some technical issues).

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Thanos anyone that wipes out the universe is always ok in my book.

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Ultron. He/she/it is awesome.

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The Abomination

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Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) - The whole concept of "I'm going to cause pain and great tragedy, to make you a better hero", is pretty interesting.

Thanos is up there as well, depending on the writer. The guy is in love with death. Need I say more?

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magneto,joker and the green goblin

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Dr. Doom.

Anyone who says otherwise is wrong (unless they say Magneto or Sinestro).

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@cap10nate: oh OK I think I have heard of him before just never read anything with him in it

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Joker, that is all.

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@thecannon: what's the best stories with Dr doom?

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@thatguy1992: Also his latest series is reeeeaaalllly good

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Maxwell Lord-- Booster Gold: Blue and Gold , and Justice League: Generation Lost.

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Lex Luthor.

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Magneto and Darkseid