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Poll: who is your favorite robin? (27 votes)

Dick Grayson (nightwing) 41%
Jason Todd (Red Hood) 4%
Tim Drake (Red Robin) 22%
Damian Wayne 26%
Carrie Kelly 7%
Stephanie Brown 0%

My personal favorite is jason todd just because he is so different to batman and feels more like his own character than just a batman ripoff although nightwing is pretty great also.

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This thread has been done before. A lot.


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Tim drake was best developed as robin and he was created only weeks after i was born so he is a kindred spirit to me. i also love Dick but find that his character wasn't really developed until he became nightwing. Jason was okay and I wish he appeared in more non-canon graphic novels as robin that don't focus on his death. As for the other three robins, i don't like them or care for them and as far as I am concerned never were needed to be created in the first place, especially Damian (my least favorite "hero" of all time).

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Okay let me put it like this now as solo heroes my favorite is Dick BUT as Robin Damian

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Any one else but me who thinks Harper Row deserves to be Robin more than Carrie Kelley?

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Damian Wayne. And yeah this has been done before.

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Carrie Kelly <3

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Dick Grayson spitestomp

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Lol no votes for Jason.

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Dick since his Robin was the one I grew up with. Nostalgia ftw.

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Damian Wayne is my favorite, followed right behind by Dick Grayson. Personally I find Grayson more interesting as Nightwing than as Robin; seeing him more as a mentor for the other Robin's that came after him.

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This isn't a favorite Robin poll. It's framed more as a favorite character to have held the Robin mantle. For example: Dick as Nightwing is a totally different character than him as Robin. Dick's on his own now. More experienced, etc.

Anyway, I'll go with Dick regardless.

And I love Nightwing!

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Tim is my favorite Robin. Stephanie is my favorite Batgirl.

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